Bone find on Fehmarn: Archaeologists encounter again on human skeletons

Only at the end of November had workers found human skeletons in a camp on Fehmarn. Now remains of other bodies have appeared. Gender and cause of death are still unclear.

The next spectacular find on the German Baltic Sea: Ten days after workers had discovered human skeletons on the holiday island Fehmarn, remains of other dead have now emerged. In total, seven bodies have been found so far, said Ingo Clausen of the Archaeological State Office.

He assumed that more would be found. Workers had encountered the bones of five people at a campsite in Flügge, west of the island, more than a week ago. A coroner had found that the bones were older than a hundred years and thus a case for the archaeologists.

Clausen also suggests that the dead were adults, gender and cause of death are still unclear. Forensic investigations should now bring clarity.

According to Clausen, the dead could be the victims of the Battle of Fehmarn in 1715. The battle killed more than 400 people.