After the attack on the Bremen AFD boss Frank Magnitz police and prosecutor's office put a video on the Internet, which shows the attack. It is part of the public criminal investigation. The Friday evening footage of Monday night shows three men approaching the AFD politician from behind. Then Magnitz is run over by a man with a hood from the back and apparently hit on the head. Magnitz, who has both hands in his coat pockets, falls to the ground after the attack and hits his head. Then you can see how the perpetrators flee.

Frank Magnitz - Detective video for assaulting Frank Magnitz © Photo: Bremen Police

There is no subject to be seen on the published video sequences. Also not seen is that the injured and on the ground lying 66-year-old politician is entered. The Bremer AFD had written a few hours after the attack in a press release, the perpetrators had hit Magnitz unconscious with a squared timber and then kicked against Magnitz 'head, as this had been on the ground.

According to AfD data, the assumption that Magnitz was beaten with a square timber comes from two craftsmen who were standing near the crime scene. These did not observe the attack, however, according to prosecutors. One of the craftsmen contradicts now also in the mirror of the AfD representation. "We did not see what happened," the magazine quotes him. Also the presentation of the AfD, Magnitz was beaten with a "squared timber" and "kicked his head", confirmed the craftsman therefore not.

For evidence leading to the seizure and final conviction of the perpetrators, praised the prosecutor Bremen a reward of 3,000 euros.