Actress Claudia Eisinger: "I'm following the vision of a pyramid"

Claudia Eisinger, just celebrated as a new hope, is a spectacle star since her appearance in "Defective Copy". And now? Here she reveals how colorful her next projects are.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: You were traveling almost the whole year. What drove you away?

Eisinger: Many things in my life did not feel right anymore. There was a big change on all levels. At first I did not know where this trip would take me. In the end I went to New York twice, to take acting lessons at the William Esper Studio, then in Bali and Colorado. 2018 has become a life-changing year for me.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Why was that necessary?

Eisinger: Everything was too tight for me. I had to set out in my freedom not only to approach acting in a new way, but also to trace other artistic channels.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Was the reason for this break also due to the failure of the ZDF series "Zarah - Wilde Jahre"? It was certainly depressing to be deported as a series main character abruptly into the night program.

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Claudia Eisinger: Wild Years

Eisinger: Honestly, no. I did not take it personally. However, the filming was a drastic experience for me.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What was so drastic?

Eisinger: We should tell of a revolutionary time - but please not too radical. This contradiction was just hard to bear for me. I found it absurd to play a rebellious figure who wanted to break with compulsion, and at the same time to be an actress in an editorial-dominated rigid system. I felt very limited.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How was the journey to a new beginning?

Eisinger: Although I love acting very much, but it's not the only thing that makes me different, I've known that for some time. And besides, I will not spend my whole life in Germany. With this journey give the room what lies dormant in me and wants to get out for a long time.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Specifically, this means that you have founded a fashion label in Bali, "What would Bella do?".

Eisinger: I do not like to say label. For me that's more of a multi-expression channel. Although I started to make clothes under this name, that's just the beginning. Further projects, for example a podcast, are to follow. The question "What would Bella do?" is aimed at the entity in us that is free of the masks and social roles that we play in life. How would we live if we were to follow this higher part instead of the social norm?

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What kind of clothing did you design?

Eisinger: Among other kimonos. The kimono is a ceremonially charged garment that provides support. He could be the garb of a super heroine or a goddess. I had the ideas and a fashion designer from Bali translated them into patterns for me. Then everything was sewn and printed by hand. In Bali, I had the opportunity to design the production conditions so that the seamstresses are not exploited. It was important for me to have personal contact with them, to know their working conditions and their earnings.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: You have also developed the plan for a pyramid. What is behind it?

Eisinger: Since my stay in New York, I've been followed by the vision of a pyramid, and I've been following it. Through their architecture and positioning, pyramids have for millennia been high-energy spaces that help people to connect to the universal consciousness. I want to create oases where you can get out of the hamster wheel for a little while. We need such places more than ever.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: But you can not imagine that right now.

Eisinger: I can not say so much yet, only that I work with a curator and various artists on the implementation.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Is there still time for acting?

Eisinger: Absolutely. I am very open to what is coming to me now.