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Record year for tourism in France in 2018.

According to figures from INSEE which counts the nights spent by French and foreign tourists in hotels, campsites, holiday villages and youth hostels, France had a record year in tourism in 2018.
There are 438 million overnight stays, nine million more nights and an increase of 2.2%.

In detail, foreign tourists are up 5.4% against 0.8% for French tourists.
This record shows the dynamism of tourism and proves that there is room for everyone.
France recorded a record attendance in hotels "despite the competition of individual accommodation offered by individuals via internet platforms". This record of the hotel business is carried by foreigners (with an increase of 7.6%), foreigners feeling more secure in hotels.
INSEE notes an increase of 16% of American tourists, 6% of British tourists and 9% of German tourists.

The campsite also enjoys great success with 0.8% more tourists thanks to foreigners (+ 2.5%) and a different offer of Airbnb accommodation. The campsites are upscale and start to look like holiday clubs, with water games and entertainment.
After the French, it is the Dutch, Germans, English and Belgians who are fond of camping.

Tourism represents a real economic stake of 54 billion, as much as the exports of the aeronautical sector, it is a wealth that enter the territory.
The strengths of France are therefore aeronautics and tourism.
The year 2019 could however be affected by the yellow vest effect. Since last December, there has been a decline of 1.1% in tourism throughout the country and 5.3% in Paris.

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