"Brexit is the result of nostalgia in which the British are locked up"

TRIBUNE. By digging into the past, the British have been manipulated by shameless politicians, denounces the English writer Benjamin Myers in a tribune to the "World".

Before the British Parliament, London, February 7th. HENRY NICHOLLS / REUTERS

Tribune. This week, the local BBC aired a story about the Brexit Box, a 15 kg emergency canteen containing a few canned non-British foods such as tikka chicken and bolognese water filter and a firelighter. The box costs £ 385, and the manufacturer who markets it says with a cheerful look that he sells thirty a day. The "Brexit box" alone is a perfect symbol of the comic confusion and absurdity in which the mood of our country has sunk.

The planned exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) is a disaster of unprecedented proportions. Some of us knew that it would go wrong. None predicted things would go so badly. In the two years since the government succumbed to the malevolent pressures of far-right forces and held a referendum on the simple question of "Leaving or staying? "British society has fractured in all directions and at all levels. Wherever we go floats the bad smell of the word "Brexit".

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The recent parliamentary rejection of Prime Minister Theresa May's proposed exit agreement and, the next day, the no-confidence motion she narrowly defeated (if she failed, she would have been forced to leave his job, leaving this ship in distress without even a bad captain) would be laughable if jobs, businesses and the future of thousands of people were not involved. In a few decades, we will make this case a great film starring a skewer of amateur clowns and puppet dies, wavering among the cries of farm animals. With probably Hugh Grant in the credits.

At the edge of the precipice

The referendum itself is controversial, with the "Leave" campaign promising many illusory benefits, including a 350 million pound bribe to open a new hospital a week, while Funding for this campaign is still under investigation. As for the camp "Remain", he was weak and deprived of clear direction, let loose it was by an opposition leader, Labor Jeremy Corbyn, who has always been a eurosceptic.

But all of this is now a thing of the past, and today the UK is teetering on the precipice. What do we distinguish? Nothing but darkness. There are only two reasons why the British voted to leave the EU. In the first place, many have succumbed to the daily demonization of "others" (foreigners, Muslims, asylum seekers, "Brussels bureaucrats"), which was the trickle effect of the events of September 11, 2001. This demonization is given free rein in the tabloids on the right, who still exert a strong media influence. The second reason is the collapse of the banks in 2008 and the economic crisis that followed. Fear and poverty, that's why people wanted to leave the EU. Fear and poverty.

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