Fraud suspicion: prosecutor investigates against Essen car rental company

Customers are said to have been cheated out of their money: A car company from North Rhine-Westphalia is suspected of having cheated on motorists. The prosecution determined.

A Essen car rental company is under suspicion of fraud. The public prosecutor's office Bochum leads a preliminary investigation against the responsible persons of the car rental as well as against an external mediator.

They were suspected of being guilty of fraud and criminal prosecution, a spokeswoman for the prosecution said. The accused therefore deny the allegations.

Newspaper: "variety of customers" affected

According to a report of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", the company is the company Dexcar. There is no official confirmation for this information yet.

According to the report, the company could have cheated tens of thousands of motorists in several European countries using a snowball system. Throughout Germany, "a large number of customers" are affected, the paper reported, citing the prosecution.

According to the newspaper, the company offers motorists for a one-time payment to always drive a new rental car - after a maximum of two years. Many customers, however, waited in vain for their cars. In Austria and Italy, investigations are also underway, according to the report; The antitrust authorities in Rome have already imposed a fine of 400,000 euros.

The Bochum prosecutor's office said only, due to the ongoing investigation, no further details would be announced.