November 24 will be Black Friday, one of the busiest days of the year for logistics. Its celebration as an already consolidated event of massive commercial discounts has led the unions to schedule their protests for that day as well.

Specifically, CCOO has called for one-hour stoppages per shift for 27 and 28 November, after 'Black Friday', and on what is known as Cyber Monday due to "the insufficient protection of occupational health suffered by the workforce, the continuous problems of human resources management and salaries that do not recognise either the responsibilities or the demands set by the company". The online sales channel of the distributor H&M will do the same, although in its case, on the same Friday.

There are about 20,000 workers called to protest in Spain and it is the first nationwide strike to be called in the company, where there have been isolated mobilizations in its centers. CCOO denounced that there are "countless" complaints about the company's lack of recognition of the 'presumption of employment' of various damages suffered in health due to possible work.

The union pointed out that it has been verified, together with the Labour Inspectorate, that the Accident and Incident Management system implemented by Amazon "is hiding possible failures in safety measures" and its direct consequence is "the non-application of the necessary prevention measures". "If you don't recognize the problem, you can't solve it, it's that simple and that serious," he said.

Likewise, regarding the lack of willingness of Human Resources to deal with the various claims, he pointed out that it is "increasingly complex" and requires them "much more time to find solutions" to failures in collection and preparation of payroll, lack of clarity in payroll concepts, the difficulty of management and non-granting of leaves to which workers are entitled and errors in the management of vacations and working hours.

The local human resources departments of each center "have fewer and fewer resources to properly carry out their mission and, in addition, the outsourcing of several of their processes has impoverished and significantly worsened the support provided by Amazon," the union denounced.

Regarding the "insufficient" salaries regarding the responsibilities and demands of the position, CCOO said that Amazon pays "the minimum wages of the sector in each province, in the majority of our population, which is not a "correct or fair" decision.

Despite the fact that the company "gives us improvements", in no case "compensates us for what it demands of us every day", said the union, which wants to remind the company that the regulations contemplate "the minimum working conditions, but Amazon requires us to give the maximum and not the minimum".