Qinzhou, November 11 (Yang Yuhang, Liu Xianbing) Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beibu Gulf Port Group) introduced on the 20th that after the opening of the "Kuantan Port - Beibu Gulf Port - Sichuan and Chongqing in China" multimodal transport route, the first batch of 20 tons of recycled aluminum ingots has recently arrived at Qinzhou Port in Guangxi Beibu Gulf from Kuantan Port in Malaysia, which is also a vivid practice for Guangxi enterprises to participate in the overseas renewable resources circular economy industry demonstration park project.

On the evening of November 11, the first batch of recycled aluminum ingots from Kuantan Port in Malaysia arrived at Qinzhou Port in Guangxi. Photo by Yang Yuhang

It is understood that this batch of goods by Guangxi Sino-Malaysia Park Huawu Association Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Huihang New Materials Co., Ltd. in Malaysia to establish a joint venture company, the company plans to invest in the construction of renewable resources in the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park Renewable Resources Circular Economy Industry Demonstration Park, plans to build an annual output of 15,200 tons of recycled aluminum products processing plant, the project is expected to bring <> TEUs of import data per week after full operation, will provide the basic source of goods for the normal operation of multimodal transport routes, Priority will be given to storage and sorting in the Beigang Qinzhou New Channel Intermodal Transportation Center, with Qinzhou as the "base camp" for warehousing, and sent to various places in Guangxi to process and form downstream products.

At present, covering an area of 405 acres, with a total investment of about 5 million yuan, the North Port Qinzhou New Channel Intermodal Transport Center is about to be officially put into operation, with an annual container processing capacity of up to 48,15 TEUs after it is put into operation.

In order to better provide convenient logistics services for import and export enterprises, the Kuantan Distribution Center, a new international land-sea trade corridor, was established in April this year, marking the opening of a new era of sea-rail intermodal transport in the East Coast Special Economic Zone of Malaysia, the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone of China and the western region of China.

Ji Fei, deputy general manager of Qinzhou Beigang Supply Chain Co., Ltd., said that in the past, it took more than 12 days for goods to be transported from Port Klang in Malaysia to Qinzhou Port, but now it only takes a week to depart from Kuantan Port. As the volume of follow-up shipments increases, operational efficiency continues to increase and uptime decreases.

Ji Fei said that the transportation of recycled aluminum ingots is mainly to test and understand the smoothness of route transportation, the supporting situation of hardware facilities of logistics nodes and the efficiency of customs inspection operations, and the successful arrival of goods in Hong Kong, which will help cultivate and build a new international land and sea trade channel Kuantan distribution center.

The first batch of recycled aluminium ingots from Kuantan Port in Malaysia arrived at Qinzhou Port in Guangxi. Photo by Yang Yuhang

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the China-Malaysia "Two Countries, Two Parks" cooperation, and as of 2022, the investment in the signed projects of the "Two Countries, Two Parks" has exceeded 2300 billion yuan. Over the past ten years, relying on the "two countries and two parks" between China and Malaysia, Beibu Gulf Port Group has realized direct container shipping between Beibu Gulf Port and Kuantan Port, and the economic and trade cooperation between the two sides has been upgraded.

"We are looking forward to more shipments from around Kuantan Port in Malaysia to China." Zhou Wei, business manager of the operation department of Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Intermodal Transport Development Co., Ltd., said that at present, local enterprises in Kuantan, Malaysia are carrying out in-depth cooperation with Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Group in agricultural products, and there will be more goods circulating between China and Malaysia. (ENDS)