• Prices From energy to your mobile: September's price spike will intensify operators' tariff hikes
  • Trade war Telcos rehearse the new trade war on Black Friday, after the fall in prices in October

Movistar has begun to warn its customers that it will raise the prices of its main fibre and mobile tariffs by up to three euros per month from 15 January.

The operator of the Telefónica group thus repeats its strategy of last year, although the rate increase will be less pronounced than the 6.8% approved during 2022.

The bulk of mobile and fibre optic tariffs will rise by two euros per month on average, while other services such as the new Movistar Plus+ TV plan will be one euro more expensive, up to 12 euros in this case.

Telefónica has clarified that all customers who have a promotional price will maintain it until the end of the offer, while keeping the mobile-only rates intact.

With this move, Movistar joins Vodafone in communicating to its customers new tariff increases for 2024. In the case of the British operator, it will rise by 4.38%, equivalent to the CPI for October, which uses your benchmark and as this newspaper advanced in October.

With these types of increases, operators are protecting themselves against inflation, while deepening the rupture between the premium market that is managing to pass on prices to the consumer and the more low-cost segment, which is preparing for a new commercial war with the arrival of Zegona as the new owner of Vodafone Spain.

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