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The Minister of the Economy announced that the costs of rehousing several thousand victims would be "borne by the State and insurers for six months. Bruno Le Maire indicated that the "number of experts in the field" will be multiplied by three. He also asked insurers not to "nitpick" in view of the "dramatic situation"

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, calling on insurers not to "nitpick", announced that the costs of rehousing "several thousand" victims would be "borne by the State and insurers" for six months after historic floods in the Pas-de-Calais region.

The minister asked insurers not to "nitpick"

"The amendment of the law on natural disasters" allowing this coverage will be brought forward to "the end of November", said the minister in Saint-Omer, after an exchange with local actors and representatives of the insurance sector. In addition, "we are going to triple the number of experts on the ground, with one objective, which is that by December 4 all the necessary expertise" has been carried out and that "compensation can arrive as quickly as possible".

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In addition, he promised "a significant advance" for all the victims "as soon as the expert report is done". He recalled that companies could "benefit from short-time work" and "deferrals of social security or tax contributions". The floods, which have injured five people since November 6, have affected 6,000 homes, 160 shops, 130 businesses and 53 farms, according to the prefecture. The minister also asked insurers not to "nitpick".

"What I call nitpicking is constantly asking for additional expertise even though we can see that the situation is dramatic," the Economy Minister said during a tense microphone. "If you're a resident of a house on the ground floor that has been flooded, if your kitchen has been damaged in terms of the cupboards, you shouldn't be told 'we're reimbursing you for the cupboards downstairs because the cupboards upstairs haven't been touched' I call nitpicking, it's not acceptable," he said.