In an effort to reduce "food loss" caused by the mere loss of cardboard boxes in PET bottled beverages and other products, manufacturers and retailers are moving toward the creation of uniform standards. We will introduce technology that uses AI to make decisions about returns, which were previously done visually by humans.

When delivering PET bottled beverages from a warehouse to a store, if the cardboard box is damaged even if the product is not damaged, it will be subject to return, which will lead to food loss.

Seven major beverage manufacturers and retailers have embarked on a demonstration experiment to create a unified standard for whether or not a product is eligible for returns.

Until now, people have visually checked the damage to cardboard boxes, but in the demonstration experiment, AI will analyze images taken with smartphones to unify the criteria for making returns.

It is said that it will not only reduce food loss, but also reduce the burden on those involved in logistics.

We plan to conduct demonstration experiments until September next year and start the operation of the unified standards.

Hideyuki Kamimae, General Manager of Suntory Holdings' Supply Chain Division, said, "We want distributors and consumers to understand that even if the cardboard is damaged, there is no problem with the contents, and we want them to accept it."