, Guangzhou, November 11 (Reporter Guo Jun) Guangzhou Baiyun Airport once again ushered in a wave of international cargo route opening peak. Air China Cargo and YTO Airlines launched the "Guangzhou-Madrid" cargo route and the "Guangzhou-Lahore" cargo route respectively on November 3.

Subsequently, Air China Cargo will launch the "Guangzhou-Milan" cargo route on November 11. Continental Airlines will also launch the Leipzig-Guangzhou-Cincinnati cargo route on November 8.

According to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport's estimates, after November 11, the airport's four new regular cargo navigation points and 2 international cargo flights per week are expected to provide more than 4,16 tons of air transport capacity per week, which will provide strong impetus for the construction of the airport and Guangzhou international air cargo hub.

The relevant person in charge of Guangdong Airport Group Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "logistics company") said that Guangdong Airport Group and the logistics company quickly implemented the work deployment of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, continuously opened new international cargo routes and improved the air cargo network, and promoted the construction of Guangzhou International Air Cargo Hub to achieve remarkable results. From July 7 to August 31 this year, YTO Airlines continuously opened the "Guangzhou-Chennai", "Guangzhou-Mumbai" and "Guangzhou-Delhi" cargo routes, which is the first time that Guangzhou Baiyun Airport has the same airline "three lines in three days".

With the increasing role of Guangzhou as an airport-type national logistics hub, domestic and foreign air cargo companies and express delivery giants have successively taken root in Guangzhou, and the air-land combined transport services of truck flights have developed rapidly, and the "air-to-air transfer" of goods has been seamlessly connected. As an important logistics sector under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Airport Group, the logistics company seizes the market opportunity, accelerates its integration into the global industrial chain and supply chain, and provides global customers with multi-level, multi-regional and multi-type combined international logistics business with a full chain of supply. (ENDS)