Known as "as low as 9.9 yuan, to achieve 3 years of freedom to follow dramas"

Is the so-called "six-in-one film and television annual card" reliable?

Recently, the atmosphere of "Double 11" has been launched, and major video websites have also made preferential activities on various platforms, and a "six-in-one film and television annual card" on the live broadcast platform has attracted the attention of many netizens at ultra-low prices. Some even achieve 9-year freedom of chasing dramas on several major video sites for 9.3 yuan, is it reliable?

"Six-in-one film and television annual card", playing a super low price of 9.9 yuan

The reporter noticed that in addition to the activities launched by the official platform itself, there are also many Tencent, Youku, Mango and other combined discount platforms that have launched various preferential activities in the live broadcast. But what is more "scary" is a "six-in-one film and television annual card", including Youku, iQiyi, B Station, Mango, Migu, Tencent six major platforms, only 39.9 yuan a year, some anchors even play 9.9 yuan ultra-low price.

The live broadcast screen is quite similar, there is no anchor appearing, but a magic finger teaches everyone how to make wool. "One-time package to take away, no secondary consumption" "Benefits are limited to today, and you can use them today to achieve the freedom of chasing dramas." Support mobile phones, tablets, TVs, computers, projectors, set-top boxes, one-time activation, packaged into the account, paid on-demand, advanced on-demand can be watched. Choose a good platform, tell the anchor, count the quota, we won't wait..." "The benefits are too fried, too many people, there may be a little stuck, wait a while..."

Under repeated bombardment, the account quickly gained fans and had dozens of fans. The reporter clicked into a 9.9 yuan live broadcast room, followed the procedure - first of all, the mobile phone is bound, pay attention to the live broadcast account, enter the fan group, there is a payment QR code in the group, click in and see, the so-called 9.9 yuan has become 39.9 yuan to pay, but choosing "upgrade" can also become 3 or 5 years of use. In the barrage, many netizens kept asking, when will the account arrive? For the manual activation promised can be used, some people complain that the TV cannot be opened, and some netizens said that the link cannot be opened at all, and even the order cannot be found. During the live broadcast, the reporter also encountered a live broadcast account that was suddenly banned.

This move is suspected of unfair competition and hidden security risks

The reporter learned that the membership agreements of major video platforms clearly stipulate that the user's personal account is limited to his own use, and cannot be lent or shared with others for use. If an account logs in multiple times in different regions at the same time, the system determines that the account is abnormal and then needs the registered mobile phone number of the account for verification.

Therefore, even if the wool is obtained in a short period of time, the account may soon be no longer available. During the interview, the staff of the video website told reporters that this kind of basically bought members themselves and then subleased to others to sell, and many people bought on third-party platforms, and then could not use it before they found that they were deceived. Although the price of member accounts purchased from non-formal channels on the platform is low, they often cannot continue to log in normally, and there are multiple information security risks.

Wei Zeng, a lawyer at Beijing Gaopeng (Nanjing) Law Firm, told the Yangtze Evening News reporter that if it is not an official preferential activity, but subleases the members purchased by himself to others for use, it actually violates the user agreement and may constitute unfair competition. Many network operators will stipulate in the service agreement with users that users only have the right to use the network account but not ownership, and prohibit the resale and rental of the account. If the user rents out the account by himself, it constitutes a breach of contract, and the network operator will generally give punishment in the nature of liability for breach of contract such as banning. If other platforms specialize in providing online account leasing services and obtain high profits from them, such behavior will generally be considered to violate the principle of good faith and business ethics, and constitute unfair competition.

Forming a black and gray industry chain, some gangs also try to attack the platform security protection mechanism

The reporter learned that renting, splitting and selling has been repeatedly prohibited, and a black and gray industry chain has been formed, and there are multiple organized individuals or groups using group control mobile phones and other means to register accounts, buy members in bulk, and resell and sell (one number more than sell) on third-party platforms.

Among them, some gangs try to attack the platform security protection mechanism through various illegal technical means. They have a clear upstream and downstream division of labor, upstream gangs are responsible for account registration and bulk purchase of members, downstream gangs are often family-like collaboration, responsible for opening a large number of e-commerce platform stores, reselling and dismantling black industry accounts.

In recent years, there have been many such cases. In October 2022, Blade awarded iQIYI economic losses of RMB10 million and reasonable expenses of RMB200,3, totaling RMB203.<> million, for providing iQIYI member account rental services on its operating platform and obtaining high profits from them, constituting unfair competition.

The existence of the shared black ash industry chain has caused serious economic losses to the platform and disrupted the normal market order. At the same time, many users who do not know the truth have reported that member accounts purchased from non-official legal channels of the platform cannot be logged in normally, resulting in economic losses. To put it bluntly, netizens want to watch their favorite dramas at a reasonable price, and do not want to be "fleeced". To this end, the platform must not only rely on high-quality content and formulate a reasonable price model, but also strengthen user account management, and govern black and gray products through various means such as technology and law to protect the rights and interests of users. (Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Zhang Nan)