What are the limits of authenticity? Should you always bring your "true self" to the office? What do good leadership and a good life have in common?

In the last episode of "Team A – the honest leadership podcast", the two co-hosts Astrid Maier, editor-in-chief of Xing, and Antonia Götsch, editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Manager, look back. They talk about what they have learned in 67 episodes and which interviews have particularly moved them.

From 10 October, the channel will continue with Antonia Götsch's new leadership podcast "Because of Good Leadership". There she shares what she herself has learned as a boss, where she fails, and she also tries to elicit from her guests what they otherwise only reveal to their confidants.

By the way: The old episodes of "Team A" remain online.

In the honest leadership podcast Team A, editors-in-chief Antonia Götsch (Harvard Business manager) and Astrid Maier (Xing News) talk about leadership, strategy and management with guests from business, science and sports every two weeks. Team A appears 14 times a day here as well as on Spotify and Apple in the podcast.