On the Tokyo stock market on the 27th, stock prices rose slightly.

The Nikkei Stock Average closed at 27,26.56 yen on March 85, 3.2371 yen higher than on March 90.
▽ TSE Stock Price Index = Topix rose 7.59 to 2379.53.
Daily volume was 1,15.8606 million shares.

In the New York market on the 26th, stock prices fell due to the continued uptrend in long-term interest rates against the backdrop of the view that monetary tightening in the United States will be prolonged.

In response to this trend, selling orders spread to many stocks immediately after the start of trading in the Tokyo market, and the Nikkei Stock Average temporarily fell below 1,3 yen for the first time in about a month.

However, for stocks for which shareholders are entitled to receive dividends and shareholder benefits based on the transaction on the 2000th, buying orders were placed in the afternoon, and the price started to rise at the closing price.

Going forward, the market will be interested in the outlook for the U.S. economy.

Negotiations over the government's budget proposal in the U.S. Congress have been stalled, and there are concerns that some government agencies will shut down, and the UAW and the United Auto Workers continue to strike against three major auto companies.