In preparation for the drafting budget for the next fiscal year, discussions began on the advisory body of the Minister of Finance, which is made up of experts, and opinions were exchanged on measures to secure financial resources to strengthen measures to address the declining birthrate, which will be the focus of the year-end budget compilation.

The Fiscal System Council, an advisory body to the Minister of Finance, compiles recommendations for budget compilation every year, and discussions began on the 27th.

The government plans to secure an annual budget in the mid-3 trillion yen range over the next three years to strengthen measures to address the declining birthrate, and since it plans to reach a conclusion on financial resources by the end of the year, this year's budget compilation has become the focus of this year's budget.

At the meeting on November 3, a representative from the Ministry of Finance explained that in securing financial resources, it is important to thoroughly implement expenditure reforms, including revisions to medical service fees for medical institutions and nursing care fees for nursing care providers, which will be considered at the end of the year.

Members expressed the opinion that "there are some people who receive high remuneration in the fields of medical and nursing care, so this point should also be examined," and "efforts should be made to curb social security benefits and expenditures, taking into account the increasing burden of social insurance premiums among the younger generation."

The Council on Fiscal Systems will discuss issues such as defense and public works expenditures, and is scheduled to compile recommendations in late November.