Yanis Darras 12:18pm, September 27, 2023

In an interview, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, announced a revaluation of retirement pensions in 2024, up to 5.2%. Objective: "to protect all pensioners from inflation," said the minister, who also wants to bring inflation to around 2% in the coming months.

Inflation continues to reduce the budget of the French. The rise in prices on supermarket shelves, but also at the pump, permanently reduces households' wallets. Among the most exposed French people, retirees are on the front line. So, at Bercy, we decided to act.

A welcome new increase

In an interview with the readers of the newspaper Le Parisien, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced that he wanted to increase all pensions, up to 5.2%, from next year. "The objective is to protect all pensioners from inflation," he said, while inflation remains high in France. Thus, in August, inflation amounted to nearly 4.9% over one year, according to INSEE. This announcement follows a first increase in pensions in 2022 of nearly 4% to cope with inflation, before benefiting from a further increase of 0.8% for basic pensions on January 1, 2023.

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Social minima also increased

But retirees won't be the only ones to see their incomes rise next year. The Minister of the Economy announced that the social minima will also benefit from an increase of 4.6% "approximately". Bruno Le Maire also confided his goal to bring the inflation bar back to 2% as quickly as possible, while the French say they have to deprive themselves more and more because of the increase in prices.

According to an Ifop survey for the company MonpetitForfait published this summer, nearly one in two French people said they skipped at least one meal, and a third of respondents said they would find themselves on the 10th of the month with only 100 euros on their account.