Jining, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- Literary works are the carrier of the inheritance of national spiritual context and an important channel for exchanges and communication among different civilizations. In today's increasingly in-depth people-to-people exchanges, how to use literature to promote mutual learning among civilizations and build a community with a shared future for mankind?

At the Nishan World Literature Forum of the 26th Nishan World Civilization Forum held on the <>th, a number of experts and writers stressed that literary creation should abandon prejudice and carry forward the common values of mankind on the basis of respecting individuality and differences.

The picture shows the scene of the meeting, photographed by Liang Ben, reporter of the China News Agency

"To establish a community with a shared future for mankind, we must first realize in literature that literary aesthetics have their own traditional characteristics and unique logic of occurrence and development, and that literary exchanges between different civilizations and cultural traditions are equal and are not affected by economic status and national strength." Yang Yang, vice chairman of the Shanghai Writers Association and former vice president of the Shanghai Theater Academy, said.

Yusuf Hushke, President of the Pakistan Academy of Letters, stressed that common human values have the inherent ability to bind human beings together, and only by working together to promote common human values can countries formulate strategies and action plans to overcome various global challenges and build a more prosperous, peaceful and healthy world for future generations.

Li Yan, director of the Chinese Department of Cultural and Philological Studies and director of the Center for China Studies at the Renathan College of the University of Waterloo in Canada, combined with his experience of making every effort to salvage many neglected and missing precious historical materials in the history of Sino-foreign exchanges when he created the Lantai Scroll, saying that the survival and development of human beings requires mutual learning among civilizations, and all people on the earth must abandon prejudices, face the essence of things, and join hands to enter the community of human destiny.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, with the help of the spring breeze of Sino-foreign exchanges, a number of Chinese literary works have also gone abroad, becoming an important window for the world to understand China.

Li Jingze, member of the leading party group, vice chairman and secretary of the Secretariat of the China Writers Association, said that writers and literary workers in the new era should embrace human civilization with an open and inclusive attitude and mind, learn from all the excellent civilization achievements created by mankind, and combine with China's specific reality and China's excellent traditional culture to create more excellent literary and artistic works that show the spirit and grandeur of the Chinese nation.

"Contemporary culture and Chinese literary workers should consciously undertake a new cultural mission, adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, actively adapt to the needs of the literary and artistic spirit of the new era while following the laws of art and innovating artistic expression, actively respond to the call of the times, tell Chinese stories well, give readers spiritual comfort with warm and powerful words, and show the style of the new era of vigorous and forging ahead." Xu Jian, president of the China Reportage Society, said. (End)