"Yes, German companies paid more than Indian companies are paying now, but in the end, given the demographic situation and economic development prospects, Asia will play a more important role," she said.

Kneissl assumes that the restoration of Russia's status quo to the level of spring 2022 will not happen, but hopes for the normalization of relations between the countries.

Speaking about the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Nord Streams, the politician noted that Germany did not offer Russia to conduct a joint investigation, probably fearing to be in an unpleasant situation. Germany would have to admit that the NATO allies undermined the infrastructure important for it and the companies participating in the consortium.

"After all, this issue is not only about obligations - political obligations, responsibility. Of course, it is also a question of compensation for damages. So who will pay for the damage?" said Kneissl.

Earlier, American journalist Seymour Hersh said that all documents created during the planning of US sabotage on Nord Stream in the Baltic Sea were probably physically destroyed immediately after the success of the operation.

The journalist's investigation claims that Nord Stream was mined by divers from the United States: they operated under the cover of the BALTOPS 22 exercise, which took place in the Baltic Sea from June 5 to 17, 2022.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he agreed with Hersh's conclusions that US intelligence agencies were behind the attacks.