Baishan, September 9 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) In autumn, the mountains and forests are full of color, the top of the mountain is covered with snow, and Changbai Mountain presents a beautiful scene, attracting tourists to come for sightseeing.

The top of Changbai Mountain is crowded with tourists. Photo by China News Network reporter Xie Yiguan

Recently, the reporter walked to the top of Changbai Mountain, tourists were bustling, and the scenery of Tianchi attracted people to queue up to take photos.

Data show that as of September 9, Changbai Mountain View Area received a total of 18,2023,210 tourists in 26, an increase of 7.22% over the historical best level, and the tourism market has a strong momentum of recovery.

Tourists from all over the world have driven the development of the local tourism economy, but they have also brought more challenges to ecological protection and scenic spot construction.

Green is the background color for the development of eco-tourism in Changbai Mountain. To this end, the Administrative Committee of Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone implements the strictest ecological environmental protection system while improving the service quality of scenic spots.

According to the Administrative Committee of Changbaishan Protection and Development Zone, in the protected area and surrounding areas, any polluting enterprises are not allowed to enter, and Changbaishan will never waver in adhering to the principle of protection first.

The management committee also carried out the "closed protection of red pine seed source" action before, giving up more than 1 million yuan of economic benefits per year, and completely banned the contract collection of red pine fruit in the reserve, so that the biological chain could rest and recuperate.

Due to the long-term implementation of strict ecological protection measures, the forest ecosystem has gradually recovered, many animals have bred and settled here, and the population has gradually increased. In previous years, Changbai Mountain also successfully passed the 10-year assessment of the World Biosphere Reserve and was listed as a demonstration unit of the United Nations "Man and the Biosphere" reserve.

In order to write the two articles of "ecological protection" and "ecological tourism", in recent years, the Changbaishan Management Committee has also continuously moved tourism facilities backward and explored a new model of integrated development of nature reserves, tourist attractions and towns.

The reporter learned that in the small town under the mountain, Changbaishan cultural tourism products continue to be "new", and comprehensively enhance the attractiveness of cultural tourism consumption through new formats and new scenarios.

For example, this year, Changbaishan's newly launched "Genting Market" integrates the landscape and cultural landscape of Changbaishan Chibei District Sky Bridge Park and Meirensong Sculpture Park with modern trend elements, giving tourists a stylish play experience.

In addition, cultural performance projects such as "Changbai Mountain Secret Carnival", "Yunji Theater Talk Show" and "Dream Changbai Song and Dance Drama" were staged on stage, and the "Edelweiss" tent campsite and "Changbai Mountain on the Clouds" low-altitude tourist flight camp opened their doors to welcome guests, attracting a large number of young people to play leisurely.

The picture shows the "Edelweiss" tent campsite. Photo by China News Network reporter Xie Yiguan

In the "Edelweiss" tent campsite, visitors can not only participate in outdoor camping, but also experience indoor rock climbing, golf and other projects, and the reindeer park next to the campsite has reindeer, sika deer and other animals, providing visitors with the opportunity to get close to animals.

The rich business formats and diversified tourism products not only allow tourists to linger in Changbai Mountain Scenic Area, but also promote the local tourism industry to "go to a higher level". (End)