As the expansion of NISA, a tax incentive for individual investors, is approaching in January next year, Hiromi Yamamichi, CEO of Japan Exchange Group, said at a press conference that we are at a historic turning point in the shift from savings to investment, and that it is important to enhance products and services that meet needs.

NISA, a preferential tax treatment system for individual investors, will extend the tax-free period of holding stocks and investment trusts to 1 million yen from January next year.

CEO Yamamichi stated, "The movement from 'savings to investment,' which has been a long-cherished wish of the securities industry, is really happening, and we are standing at a historic turning point."

In addition, he stated that it is important to enhance products and services that are highly convenient and lead to diversified investment that meet the needs of individual investors toward the start of NISA expansion.

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Stock Exchange demanded that the company pay a penalty last month, accusing the former president of Sanei Architects, a company listed on the prime market, of undermining investor confidence over the long-standing issue of providing money to gangsters.

In relation to this issue, CEO Yamamichi was asked about efforts to prevent recurrence, and said, "Since individuals intentionally and intentionally made false applications in the declaration at the time of listing, we would like to share such cases and points of confirmation with securities companies and audit firms."