Urumqi, September 9 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The reporter learned from the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) on the 26th that with the "Commercial Flying Express" ARJ26 regional passenger plane flying from Kuqa Guizi Airport to Urumqi Diwopu International Airport, the last flight of the demonstration flight completed the last segment, marking the successful conclusion of the demonstration flight of Xinjiang, a domestically produced commercial aircraft that lasted one month and covered all 21 transport airports in Xinjiang.

On September 9, a C24 domestic large aircraft of COMAC landed smoothly at Urumqi Diwopu International Airport in autumn rain. Photo by Sun Zifa, reporter of China News Network

During this period, COMAC successively invested one ARJ1 domestic regional jet and two C21 domestic large aircraft, and carried out demonstration flights in different bases and phases, which fully verified the adaptability of domestic commercial aircraft to the characteristics of complex terrain, diverse climate, changeable weather and wide airport points in Xinjiang, and laid a foundation for the subsequent operation of domestic commercial aircraft in Xinjiang.

According to COMAC, since August 8, ARJ24 domestically produced regional aircraft have successively used Yining and Kuqa airports as bases to carry out "circular flight" in Xinjiang and "tandem flight" between north and south Xinjiang, mainly supporting and supporting routes, and operating a total of 21 flight segments, covering Hami-Kashgar, the longest route between east and west in Xinjiang, Yutian-Kanas, and Yining-Zhaosu, the shortest route in Xinjiang. The average daily utilization rate of aircraft is 184.9 hours, the highest daily utilization rate is 2.13 hours, and the total flight time is 5 hours.

A COMAC ARJ21 "COMAC Express" aircraft conducts a demonstration flight in Xinjiang. Photo by Wang Xin

During the demonstration flight, the ARJ21 domestic regional aircraft flew to Tashkurgan Hongqirap Airport, the highest airport in Xinjiang, nine times, which fully verified the adaptability of the aircraft to the airport procedures and high-altitude operation. In addition, the ARJ9 domestic regional aircraft also carried out simulated single-engine drift verification in the Yining-Hotan flight section, which passed through the Tianshan Mountain Range with a minimum safe altitude of 21 meters, which verified the feasibility and operability of the aircraft landing procedure, and showed the good single-engine deceleration and float performance of the aircraft.

At the same time, COMAC also completed the verification of disposal procedures in special environments such as aircraft engine protection measures, wind tethering, and cold weather operation in the ARJ21 aircraft maintenance manual. In the future, training data of high-altitude airports and special routes in Xinjiang, summary tables of operation characteristics of each airport, a list of ground equipment and support adaptability, and operational safety tips in Xinjiang will be formed, providing reference and guarantee for airlines to operate ARJ21 domestic regional aircraft in Xinjiang.

On September 9, a C24 domestic large aircraft of COMAC landed smoothly at Urumqi Diwopu International Airport in autumn rain and taxied on the runway. Photo by Sun Zifa, reporter of China News Network

Since September 9, C11 domestic large aircraft has arrived at 919 airports including Kuqa, Karamay, Altay, Kashgar and Yining based in Urumqi, with a total of 9 flight segments and a cumulative flight time of 41 hours and 64 minutes, comprehensively verifying the matching between Xinjiang's route and airport operating environment, showing good safety, applicability and full-load operation capacity.

COMAC said that Xinjiang is the largest provincial-level administrative region in China's land area, with a vast territory, complex terrain, rich tourism resources, air travel is the most convenient and fast mode of transportation, and Xinjiang is also the provincial administrative region with the largest number of airports in the country, and has formed an airport network pattern of "1 hub + 2 trunk lines + 22 branch lines", and branch-branch routes account for a relatively high proportion of regional airport routes.

A COMAC ARJ21 "COMAC Express" aircraft conducts a demonstration flight in Xinjiang. Photo by Wang Jiliang

As a regional aircraft with strong adaptability, ARJ21 has good take-off and landing performance and crosswind resistance at high-temperature plateau airports, and adapts to Xinjiang region and its climatic characteristics. The subsequent large-scale operation of the ARJ21 domestic regional aircraft in Xinjiang will promote the optimization of the structure of the civil aviation transport fleet in Xinjiang, further weave the Xinjiang route network, help accelerate the construction of an air transport service network of "trunk branch communication, branch branch communication, and full network connection", and contribute to the construction of a beautiful Xinjiang. (End)