In the face of Palestinian demonstrations, Israel multiplies bombings

The endless cycle of violence in Gaza continues, as Israel has stepped up its bombardment of the Palestinian enclave in recent days. Israel says it is targeting military positions belonging to Hamas — Gaza's ruling Islamist group — as its troops were targeted during a protest.

Palestinian protesters face Israeli forces in southern Gaza on September 23, 2023. AFP - SAID KHATIB

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The Israeli army said on Monday (September 25th) that it had "hit" a Hamas military post in the Gaza Strip using a drone, after its troops were targeted during a demonstration. This Israeli strike comes in a context of almost daily violence since September 13 between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli forces on both sides of the separation barrier between Israel and the Palestinian territory of Gaza, controlled by Hamas, Israel's bête noire.

Palestinians have repeatedly demonstrated after Israel closed the Erez crossing with the Gaza Strip, a move that an Israeli NGO called "collective punishment" because it affects several thousand Palestinians who travel to Israel to work.

An army drone "struck a military post belonging to the Hamas terror organization," the IDF said in a statement. The post was located near an area from where "assailants fired on IDF soldiers during a violent demonstration," the army added, adding that the "soldiers responded with live fire in the direction of an assailant (...) and touched him." Two protesters were wounded by "Israeli bullets" during the clashes, said Hamas' health ministry in Gaza, an area under Israeli blockade since the Islamist movement took power there in 2007.

Seven people killed and more than a hundred injured since mid-September


Apart from taking an Israeli sniper bullet, these protests are useless. " said a Gaza resident on condition of anonymity. But here, he continues: "Here, the authorities are under pressure. Because of the blockade, they are unable to meet the socio-economic needs of the population. So they incite to attack the evil at the source: by burning tires, throwing stones or shooting at Israeli soldiers.


Far from solving the problem, this strategy is aggravating the situation, reports our correspondent in Jerusalem, Sami Boukhelifa. It is a never-ending cycle of violence. Seven Palestinians have been killed and nearly 100 injured in border violence since September 13, according to Hamas' health ministry. And the Gaza Strip, home to more than two million people, has been under Israeli blockade since 2007.

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