There is a growing movement among electronics manufacturers to review the price drops of home appliances. Following Panasonic, Hitachi also revealed that it will start a transaction method that specifies prices to dealers for some new products.

In general, the sales of home appliances are a system in which retailers freely determine the store price, and as a result, competition is conducted among electronics retailers through discounted sales.

A subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. announced that it will introduce a transaction method that specifies prices to dealers from the 4th of next month.

In addition to securing stable profits, it has the advantage of extending the launch cycle of new products and extending the development period.

On the other hand, the dealer says that it does not constitute an unfair deal by allowing the product to be returned to the manufacturer at any time.

In the next year or so, we plan to target about 1% of white goods such as washing machines.

Yuzuru Miyano, Director of Hitachi Global Life Solutions, said, "Until now, it has been a war of attrition because we have been developing products to bring back prices, so we want to continue to survive by increasing profit margins and investing."

Panasonic has already introduced it in some of its products and is likely to affect the strategies of other manufacturers.