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Photo: IMAGO/EHL Media/Sven Kunze / IMAGO/EHL Media

Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, is closing its air freight centre at Leipzig/Halle Airport. According to the company, 400 employees are affected by the shutdown. The timing of the planned closure is still open, according to a company spokesman.

The background to this is an adjustment of the logistics network, in the course of which the closure of the Amazon Air site is to take place, the spokesman justified the step. Previously, the "Bild" newspaper had reported on the planned end.

Affected employees will be offered the opportunity to move to other Amazon locations. Amazon also operates a distribution center at the airport. The Group announced that it would continue to operate at Leipzig/Halle Airport and use it in its European logistics network.

Amazon Air's air cargo center had opened in 2020 to allow for faster deliveries. During the corona pandemic, Amazon greatly expanded its logistics network and significantly expanded the density of locations in southern Europe, it said. As a result, items could be placed closer to customers, so that some flight connections from Leipzig would no longer be necessary.