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In 2022, the turnover achieved by the American giant Amazon in France amounts to 10.5 billion euros, an increase of more than 16%. Amazon Chief Executive France Frédéric Duval said €1.7 billion in mandatory levies related to Amazon's activities in France had been paid.

The American giant Amazon achieved 10.5 billion euros in turnover in France in 2022, growth of more than 16%, with a "total tax contribution of 1.7 billion euros", he announced Tuesday, without revealing the exact amount of corporate tax. "The corporate tax contribution goes well beyond corporate tax," Amazon CEO France Frédéric Duval told reporters on Tuesday.

€580 million in direct debits

The group has communicated every year since 2018 on the "compulsory levies corresponding" to its activities in France. For 2022, it claims 580 million euros in direct levies, thus counting corporate tax, employer contributions, and local taxes, against 470 million a year earlier. Frédéric Duval said that 1.7 billion euros in mandatory levies related to Amazon's activities in France had been paid, compared to one billion in 2021, a figure taking into account, for example, the taxes of third-party sellers or subcontractors, as well as social charges and VAT.

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Regarding the turnover achieved in France, of 10.5 billion euros against 9 billion a year earlier, it should not be confused with the volume of business (on which the company has not communicated) which corresponds to all sales made in France by the group. The turnover corresponds to the sales made by the group itself, by the commissions it takes on sales made by third parties on its online marketplace and by its cloud business (Amazon Web Services). "More than 16,000 French VSEs and SMEs" (very small, small and medium-sized enterprises) sell on its marketplace as third-party sellers, Amazon said Tuesday.

Frédéric Duval also indicated that the group currently employs more than 20,000 people on the national territory and that it has invested more than 20 billion euros in its activities in France since 2010.