Ganzi, Sichuan, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- The rapid development of information technology is giving birth to an unprecedented wave of digitalization. However, with the rapid development of technology, how to let more people enjoy the digital dividend and make technology warm has become an increasingly important issue.

Recently, in the mountain village of Kardze, Sichuan, the reporter saw the changes brought by "digital intelligence" technology to the lives of local people, and also felt the Chinese temperature brought by China's scientific and technological development.

China's 5G that "goes up" and "goes to the ground"

In May 2020, climbers make phone calls over the 5G network at the summit of Mount Everest. The high-definition video footage of the mountaineering team's summit measurement is also shared in real time around the world through the 5G network.

This year, the world's highest 5G base station, the 6500G base station located at the 5,5-meter-high forward camp on Mount Everest, was put into use. In the same year, China's 534G went 5 meters underground, and the country's first underground <>G network in a coal mine was completed.

Within one year of commercial use, China's 5G has created a record of "going up" and "entering the ground".

Such achievements stem from decades of continuous "catch-up". In the last century, China's mobile communication industry lagged behind for a long time.

There are reports that China's mobile communication technology before 5G has been sorted out like this: in 1987, China officially entered the 1G era, and the shape of "big brother" was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but the core technologies and standards were firmly grasped by foreign companies; In 1994, 2G landed in China, sending text messages became possible, and mobile phones became more and more popular; In 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a 3G license, higher bandwidth and more stable transmission speed made mobile Internet a reality, and domestic mobile phones rose with the trend; In 2013, the 4G license arrived as scheduled, and China's self-developed TD-LTE standard was widely used, giving birth to new formats such as mobile payment and short video.

From "3G breakthrough", "4G synchronization" to "5G leading", China Mobile communication technology has completed the process from "catching up" to "leading".

In 2021, the average download rate of fixed broadband in China will be 62.55Mbit/s, an increase of 2013.16 times over 7; the average download rate of mobile broadband will be 59.34Mbit/s, an increase of 2016.4 times over 0.

At the same time, China's information infrastructure has achieved leapfrog development, and the world's largest optical fiber and mobile broadband network has been built, and the whole country has achieved "broadband from village to village", "5G from county to county" and "gigabit from city to city".

Just this month, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry 2023-2024 Stable Growth Action Plan" proposed that in 2024, China's mobile phone market 5G mobile phone shipments will account for more than 85%.

Video: Check in the new coordinates of China | How does the "digital wisdom spring breeze" blow warm the "small mountain village" under the snowy mountains? Source: China News Network

Let the village under the snowy mountains also enter the digital age

Technological progress is not the ultimate goal, technology must serve people after all.

But for villagers deep in the mountains, it is not easy to enjoy such cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements.

Xionglong Xixiang Waigu Village, located in Ganzi, Sichuan, is an administrative village under the jurisdiction of Xinlong County, a key county for national rural revitalization, with an average altitude of more than 3200,<> meters, and villagers want to grow wheat and barley and other crops.

In the village of Waigu, people working in the fields. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

The mountains and waters here are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, and the products are very distinctive. But locals told reporters that for quite some time, due to poor information, the outside world did not know about the village under the snowy mountain.

In order for remote mountain villages like Waigu to enter the digital age, engineers need to build signal base stations on high mountains.

Deng Jian, manager of the network department of China Mobile Sichuan Kardze Prefecture Branch, still clearly remembers that when the station was first built, hundreds of kilograms of tools and base station equipment were all carried by people on their backs and shoulders.

"In Kardze, a large number of our base stations are located on higher altitudes in the mountains, and many places are not accessible by road. During the construction of the Danba Sancha River Base Station, there was a path carved from the cliff for only one person to pass through, and in order to carry the wardrobe-sized equipment cabinet to the machine room, we could only use a wooden stick to pick it up by two people in front and back, and asked the two people to kneel on the ground and carry the equipment 'hand and foot' to transport the equipment over. Because it was a rough mountain road, the knees of the colleagues kneeling on the ground were worn out, but they did not cry out about pain or bitterness. ”

In Deng Jian's view, the base station is a witness to the changes of the era of this mountain village. "It has witnessed my youth, the development of our correspondence, and the changes in the lives of our villagers."

He told reporters that when 2007G was opened in 2, ordinary people would talk to their sons and daughters of migrant workers through mobile phones; After upgrading to 2016G in 4, everyone can surf the Internet, swipe videos, and make cloud calls at home with their mobile phones. This year, after 5G covered the village, many young people no longer have to go out to work, and can live broadcast goods through the 5G network at home to sell the specialties of the mountains to all parts of the country.

The power of digital warms thousands of families deep in the plateau, and digital signals have planted information wings for the mountain villages here, helping people to move towards a better life, and planting seeds about distant places and dreams in this land. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

Since the realization of full coverage of mobile 8G signals in August this year, live streaming has become a local fashionable thing. The reporter recently saw here that in the village entrance field, Sichuan mobile staff and Xinlong County e-commerce center staff are selling local delicacies such as Tibetan snow chrysanthemum tea, chiffon chips, and matsutake mushrooms through live broadcasts to promote local specialty agricultural products.

According to reports, the agricultural products sold on the live broadcast are all from Xinlong County. By the end of 2022, Sichuan Mobile had helped Xinlong County sell a total of 108.81 million yuan.

In Waigu Village, staff from Sichuan Mobile and Xinlong County E-commerce Center recommended local specialties such as snow chrysanthemum tea and chiffons to the audience during the live broadcast. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

"Mobile 5G has been built in the village, and information services have entered the home"

The smooth transmission of information not only allows locals to play live broadcasting, but also brings better resources in the fields of medical care and education.

"Mobile 5G has been built in the village, information services have entered the home, and now, the villagers can develop their own small businesses without going far away, the children have learned more knowledge through the Internet, and everyone's life is getting more prosperous." Sichuan Ganzi Xinlong County Xionglong Xixiang Waigu Village Branch Secretary announced Dorjee told reporters about the changes that 5G signals have brought to the village.

In order to open up the "last mile" of rural medical services, China Mobile deployed two telemedicine all-in-one machines for Xionglong Xixiang Township Health Center, where doctors can communicate with experts from provincial and municipal third-class hospitals through remote equipment, and villagers can enjoy the remote diagnosis and treatment services of famous doctors in the province in the village.

"Xionglong Xixiang, 658 kilometers from Chengdu, used to encounter intractable diseases, and villagers had to go over the mountains to seek medical treatment, but now through remote diagnosis and treatment, we can 'face-to-face consultation' with experts from higher-level hospitals." Liu Ping, director of the Xionglong Xixiang Township Health Center, said.

One patient receives a specialist diagnosis through a telehealth platform. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

Li Xingyu, a teacher at Xixiang Central Primary School in Xionglong, told reporters that today, the dolls in the village also use the same multimedia teaching equipment, the same curriculum, and the same educational resources as the children in the city, and can participate in remote classrooms, and the villagers no longer have to go back hundreds of kilometers to send their children to the county seat to study.

Students from Xixiang Central Primary School in Xionglong attended classes with students from Huayang Experimental Primary School in Tianfu New District, Sichuan through the distance education platform. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

In order to stimulate the endogenous driving force of rural revitalization, China Mobile has sent a total of 7 cadres to Kalu Village and Waigu Village in Xionglong Xixiang to provide full-time assistance, of which 2 serve as the first secretary. With the connection and assistance of the cadres stationed in the village, China Mobile planned and developed characteristic industries according to local conditions in view of the characteristics of the high cold, high altitude and little cultivated land in Waigu Village: it has donated 107.5 million yuan for the Xionglong Xixiang collective calf breeding project, donated 3000,9 peppercorn seedlings for the development of garden peppercorn planting, and donated excavators and stone mills to help local development and increase income. As of September this year, the village's collective economic income has nearly fivefold compared with before the 2018 help.

Students at Xionglong Xixiang Elementary School dance the Guozhuang dance during recess. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

In addition to Waigu Village, China Mobile has undertaken more than 3000,2020 help points. Data show that in 4, administrative villages in Sichuan Province will achieve "2022G through villages and villages"; In 5, the province will achieve "5G through townships and townships"; At present, the coverage rate of 83G administrative villages in Sichuan Province has reached 99%, and the broadband fiber penetration rate of administrative villages has exceeded <>%.

From the initial 2G village station to the 4G general service station, and then to the 5G base station, this mountain village under the snowy mountains has witnessed the struggle and perseverance of building an "information highway", and also witnessed the temperature of China in countless villages. (End)