In response to a report on the distribution of news articles compiled by the Japan Fair Trade Commission that Yahoo! JAPAN pointed out that it may have a "superior" position over newspapers and other media, Yahoo! JAPAN has announced its policy of considering reviewing the contents of contracts with the media.

Last week, the Japan Fair Trade Commission released a report on the actual situation of transactions between newspapers and other media companies and portal sites and app operators regarding the distribution of news articles, in which it was pointed out that Yahoo! JAPAN may have a "superior position" to the media.

Yahoo! JAPAN announced its views on this on the 25th, stating that "it is necessary to make sincere efforts for the further development of the news distribution market as a whole, based on the ideas expressed in the report," and that it will consider including reviewing the contents of contracts with the media.

Specifically, we will consider further disclosing necessary data such as article distribution results to the media, providing detailed explanations of the contents of the contract, and reviewing the contract according to the distribution performance.