An international conference for cooperation among countries in Asia, the Middle East, and other countries toward the realization of a decarbonized society and stable procurement of energy will begin in Tokyo, and on the first day, the 25th, discussions will be held on financial support to promote decarbonization in Asia.

A series of international conferences called "Tokyo GX Week" were organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and were attended by representatives from about 40 countries in Japan, Asia, the Middle East, and executives of international organizations at a hotel in Tokyo.

At the opening ceremony, METI Minister Nishimura stated, "With large-scale disasters and extreme weather events increasing around the world, climate action measures are imminent, and each and every one of the leaders gathered here must work to simultaneously achieve decarbonization, economic growth, and energy security."

A total of nine international conferences are scheduled to be held until the 5th of next month, and on the first day, June 9, the countries concerned will exchange views on the theme of financial support provided by the public and private sectors to achieve both decarbonization and economic growth in emerging countries such as Asia.

In addition, a ministerial meeting will be held to discuss the expansion of the introduction of hydrogen, which is expected to be next-generation energy and to reduce carbon dioxide, and a chairman's statement is expected to be compiled.