Beijing, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- The tax department has made another move!

On September 9, the tax department exposed a number of tax-related cases, among which one film and television worker was punished for tax evasion.

Film and television producer Luan Huiqing was investigated for tax evasion

In the early stage, the Xiamen Municipal Tax Department found that Luan Huiqing had tax-related risks through analysis, and after prompting and reminding, urging rectification, and interviewing and warning, Luan Huiqing still did not rectify completely and carried out a tax inspection on her in accordance with the law.

After investigation, Luan Huiqing obtained labor remuneration income by providing services such as film and television production from 2018 to 2021, and converted it into business income from her actual control of her personal studio to evade personal income tax of 28,81 yuan.

In the end, Luan Huiqing was fined for paying taxes, adding late fees and imposing fines, totaling 50,75 yuan. The Inspection Bureau of Xiamen Municipal Taxation Bureau has served Luan Huiqing with the Decision on Tax Treatment and the Decision on Tax Administrative Penalties in accordance with the law, and Luan Huiqing has paid the tax fines and late payment fees in accordance with the regulations.

The relevant person in charge of the Inspection Bureau of the Xiamen Municipal Taxation Bureau said that the tax department will continue to strengthen the tax supervision of the cultural and entertainment sector, seriously investigate and deal with tax-related violations in accordance with the law, continuously improve the compliance of employees and enterprises in the cultural and entertainment field with the tax law, and further create a fair tax environment under the rule of law.

Individual tax infographic. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jinlei

This year, eight cases of tax evasion in the entertainment and online live streaming industries have been exposed

After the recent exposure of tax evasion cases by entertainers and online anchors, the tax department once again exposed a case of tax evasion by film and television workers, indicating the tax department's zero-tolerance attitude towards tax-related violations in related fields, and conveying a clear signal that the tax department continues to strengthen tax supervision over employees in the entertainment field and online live broadcasting, and deal with and severely crack down on tax-related illegal and criminal acts such as tax evasion in accordance with the law.

Since the beginning of this year, the tax department has publicly exposed eight cases of tax evasion in the entertainment sector and the online live broadcast industry.

Among them, on September 9, the tax department notified the case of female star Yuan Bingyan of tax evasion.

Whether it is an online anchor who has evaded and underpaid more than 10 million taxes, a star artist with a certain degree of influence, or a person in the entertainment industry who has evaded a small amount of tax, or a small anchor with little visibility, he has been punished as long as he crosses the legal boundary, highlighting the high-pressure situation of the tax department to continuously crack down on tax evasion in related fields.

It is understood that as early as the end of 2021, the tax department summarized the practice of tax supervision in relevant fields, and has formed a reminder first, then supervision and guidance, and then an interview and warning, and the case filing and inspection in accordance with the law for those who still refuse to cooperate with rectification after the warning, and the "five-step work method" of selecting some serious circumstances and bad impact for case filing cases that are publicly exposed after investigation and punishment, which can be said to have both temperature and strength.

Paying taxes in accordance with the law is not only the basic obligation of every citizen, but also the social duty of public figures. The authority of the tax law cannot be violated, and trying the law by example can only destroy its own future. Regardless of the size of the fame and the level of traffic, they should establish the concept of paying taxes in good faith in accordance with the law, undertake corresponding social responsibilities, and consciously fulfill their honest tax obligations. (End)