In Europe, where regulations on engine vehicles are progressing, Nissan Motor has announced that all new vehicles sold by 2030 will be EVs = electric vehicles.

Nissan announced on May 25 that it will use EVs for all new vehicles sold in Europe by 2030.

Nissan had previously set a new target of 2026% of sales of electrified vehicles, including EVs, in Europe by FY98, of which 78% would be EVs.

One-third of Nissan's more than 100 million EVs sold worldwide were sold in Europe, and the announcement states that "EVs powered by renewable energy are key to achieving carbon neutrality."

On the other hand, in Europe, there is a series of moves to review strict regulations on engine vehicles, and the EU = European Union has changed its policy so that it can continue after 3 on the condition that synthetic fuels are used for new sales of engine vehicles, including hybrid vehicles. The United Kingdom has also postponed the deadline to ban the sale of new cars such as petrol cars from 1 to 2035.

Nissan is expected to aim to expand its market share in Europe by moving forward with the shift to EVs.