Haikou, September 9 (Reporter Fu Yuqun) The reporter learned from the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports (hereinafter referred to as the Hainan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department) on the 25th that with the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day super long holiday approaching, Hainan Province will launch more than 25 colorful tourism cultural and sports activities to increase the supply of holiday tourism products, while continuing to carry out tourism market rectification, and make good use of the "Hainan Assured Travel" platform's tourism consumption complaint compensation mechanism, so that tourists can travel in Hainan with peace of mind and play comfortably.

Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays are the traditional tourist seasons in Hainan. According to Ctrip's latest Mid-Autumn Festival National Day Tourism Forecast Report, the overall number of travel bookings during the Golden Week in Hainan increased significantly, with Sanya on the list of popular long-term travel destinations and a significant increase in inter-provincial travel bookings.

During the holiday period, Hainan Province will hold a number of tourism, cultural and sports activities covering concerts, cultural and artistic performances, national fitness, cycling races around the island and so on, to enrich the holiday life of citizens and tourists. All cities and counties in the province will also launch a series of new formats and new products with rich experience through "tourism +" integration of performing arts, sports, intangible cultural heritage, etc., to meet the diversified tourism and leisure needs of tourists.

The picture shows an aerial view of the Hainan Ring Island Tourist Highway located in Eman Town, Danzhou City, Hainan Province. Photo by China News Network reporter Luo Yunfei

It is reported that a number of music feasts will be staged in Haikou, Sanya and other places during the holiday, driving the holiday tourism consumption market to heat up. At the same time, "sports + tourism" will release new vitality, the 2023th Hainan Island International Road Cycling Race will start for the first time during the National Day Golden Week after the upgrade, this year's event revolves around the coastal tourist highway, tropical rainforest and mountainous areas in the central and southern regions of Hainan Island, etc., the competition is more spectacular, will drive the event sightseeing and sports tourism consumption of various cities passing through. In addition, sports events such as the 2023 Hainan Wake Surfing Challenge and the <> Hainan (Sanya) Hiking and Fitness Conference will also be held during the National Day Golden Week, unlocking more new "sports + tourism" consumption scenarios and stimulating more citizens and tourists to participate enthusiastically.

The Hainan Provincial Tourism Department said that in order to meet the upcoming wave of tourists, Hainan Province will continue to carry out tourism market rectification, increase inspections of seafood markets, tourist attractions, tourist shopping points, etc., and comprehensively regulate the order of the tourism consumption market. In addition, Hainan has fully implemented the advance compensation mechanism for tourism consumption complaints, and the WeChat public account, mini program and Alipay mini program of the advance compensation platform "Hainan Assured Tour" have been put into operation, which can provide tourists and citizens with functions such as local honest merchant viewing, online complaints, advance compensation, product purchase, and merchant evaluation. All cities and counties in Hainan will accelerate the promotion of more enterprises to settle in the advance compensation platform, and actively guide more tourists to know and use the "Hainan Safe Travel" platform, so as to escort the holiday tourism consumption of tourists coming to Hainan. (End)