"Japan Weeks," an event aimed at disseminating the attractiveness of Japan's capital markets, began on the 25th, and at the national securities convention held as part of this event, representatives of the political and business circles showed their stance to strengthen support for the wealth formation of the public and promote the revitalization of the capital market in the Japan.

"Japan Weeks" is organized by the Financial Services Agency as one of the government's initiatives to realize an asset management nation, and will be held in Tokyo and Fukuoka Prefecture until October 1.

On the first day, the 10th, the National Stock Exchange Convention was held in Tokyo, and about 6 people, including Prime Minister Kishida and representatives of securities companies in Japan and overseas, gathered.

Toshio Morita Japan Chairman of the Japan Securities Dealers Association, said, "Strengthening support for the nation's asset formation is the most important issue for the public, and we would like to promote the smooth introduction of the NISA system, which will be expanded from January next year. In addition, we will work to improve the governance of asset management companies, strengthen their systems, and enhance their investment capabilities," he said, indicating that the securities industry intends to promote reforms toward the realization of an asset management nation.

In addition, Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Uchida stated, "I would like to collaborate with the securities industry to improve financial services that are highly transparent and close to customers, as well as financial literacy among the public."

During Japan Weeks, more than 20 events will be held, including meetings for domestic and foreign investors and pension managers to exchange opinions, and the public and private sectors will work together to encourage investment and new entrants from overseas.

Prime Minister Kishida: "Asset Management Industry Reform to Formulate Specific Policies by the End of the Year"

Prime Minister Kishida stated at the National Securities Conference, "I would like to realize a financial and capital market that provides better products and services by enhancing investment capabilities through friendly competition among outstanding financial institutions and human resources from Japan and overseas, gathering at the Japan and working hard with each other.

"Positioning this year as the first year of doubling asset income," he said, "We will boldly and drastically promote the shift from savings to investment, and I hope that this will be an opportunity to meet directly with people overseas to deepen our thinking toward the revitalization of financial and capital markets in Japan and to convey the attractiveness of the Japan market."