Jilin, 9 Sep (Zhongxin Net) -- Jilin is a major agricultural province and an important national commodity grain base. Due to its location in the world's golden rice belt, suitable climatic conditions and fertile soil have created a good growing environment and are rich in high-quality rice.

Nowadays, in many villages in Jilin Province, rice has become an advantageous agricultural product, and more and more new agricultural operators are strengthening the rice industry and increasing income and prosperity through various ways.

Hidden in the seed is the "Book of Prosperity"

Walking into the Jiufeng Family Farm located in Wanchang Town, Yongji County, Jilin City, in the endless rice fields, the heavy rice ears bent the branches, and the smell of rice flowers was heard in the air.

On September 9rd, it is the "Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival", and the harvest is officially opened here. With the rumbling roar of the harvester, the grain-filled rice is collected into the "sac".

The harvester is harvesting rice. Photo by China News Network reporter Xie Yiguan

"This year is another bumper harvest year, and the yield of this acre of land harvested now has reached 1800,1900 jin to 8,<> jin." Li Xiaoli, manager of the September Feng Family Farm, told reporters, "These harvested rice can be sold for <> yuan a catty on the market. According to her, the most expensive functional rice on the farm at present can sell for more than a hundred pieces per catty.

Today, Wanchang rice has become a well-known brand, but in the past, farmers here could not increase the yield and price because they planted ordinary rice varieties, and the added value could not be discussed.

In 2016, the National Japonica Rice Engineering Technology Research Center established the Jilin Experimental Station in Jilin Family Farm. Every year, the farm experiments and demonstrates more than 1700,<> rice strains and varieties. In recent years, a variety of functional rice varieties with high calcium, multiple embryos and less sugar have been developed one after another, which has effectively improved the quality and output value of agricultural products.

A small seed changed the lives of farmers.

Technology brings agriculture to a "new level"

In order to make agriculture bigger and stronger, in addition to germplasm, agricultural technology is also a key factor.

In 2014, Jilin City took the lead in implementing the "visual agriculture" and "private customization" marketing models, and implemented remote monitoring of the whole process of spring crop cultivation, summer field management, autumn harvest storage and transportation by establishing a multi-layer three-dimensional management and control platform of ground cameras, low-altitude drones and outer space remote sensing satellites.

As the first satellite remote sensing smart agriculture demonstration family farm in Jilin City, "Hui" cultivated land has also become a highlight of Jiufeng Farm. According to reports, customer groups can realize the "full traceability" service experience of agricultural products through the QR code of agricultural products generated in the early stage by the "smart agriculture" production management system.

In Shulan City, the "hometown of China's japonica rice," agriculture has also been plugged in with the wings of "science and technology."

Coming to the 937 acres of rice fields of Jimmy Grain Co., Ltd. in Xihe Town, Shulan City, the breeze blows, the rice waves rise and fall, and a bumper harvest is in sight. Cai Xingbao, general manager of the company, told reporters, "The equipment and technology introduced by the company have greatly improved production efficiency, and it is expected that the mu production capacity will reach about 1500,<> jin this year." ”

The picture shows a golden rice field. Photo by China News Network reporter Xie Yiguan

Cai Xingbao revealed that the company's rice production and processing have been fully mechanized. In March this year, the company and the College of Agriculture of Jilin Agricultural University jointly built a small rice science and technology institute to carry out new variety breeding and light simplified cultivation technology promotion, and further improve the yield and nutritional value of rice.

In order to ensure the taste of rice, Cai Xingbao mentioned that in July this year, the company also introduced intelligent new equipment, using low-temperature processing production methods, and continuously preserving freshness under low temperature conditions of -7°C to lock in the aroma and nutrition of rice. At the same time, digital management technology is used to control the processing accuracy and yield of rice, and the annual processing capacity is increased from 5,1 tons to 5,<> tons.

"Tourism" + "agriculture" to make rural development better

In the distance, golden rice waves surging under the blue sky, Korean courtyards lined up in the distance, and strolling through Gwangdong Village in Helong City, are full of scenery.

In order to achieve rural revitalization, it is necessary to break through the traditional thinking mode of "rural industry is agriculture" and "the function of agriculture is to provide agricultural products", and promote the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

In recent years, Guangdong Village has focused on modern rural pastoral tourism, adopted the operation mode of "enterprise + village collective + villagers", formed a global tourism development pattern of "tourism + culture, tourism + research, tourism + homestay", and led more villagers to embark on the road of common prosperity.

In Gwangdong Village, many tourists are experiencing the scenery of rice fields. Photo by China News Network reporter Xie Yiguan

Here, visitors can ride a small train through rice paddies, drive a children's tractor to experience farming, and check in front of the campsite with a cup of "Gwangdong Village" coffee...

A wide range of attractions attracts tourists. Jin Xian, secretary of Gwangdong Village, told reporters, "Since the beginning of this year, up to now, the number of tourists has reached about 40,50. During the National Day, the village also prepares folk performances and other programs, which will attract more tourists to come here, and it is expected that the annual tourist reception can reach <>,<>. (End)