, Beijing, September 9 Topic: China New Observation | China's "combination fist" strengthens efforts to attract foreign investment These multinational companies have increased their investment in China

Reporter Li Jinlei

At present, China is stepping up efforts to attract foreign investment.

Attracting foreign capital to play a "combination punch"

Actively attracting and utilizing foreign investment is an important part of promoting high-level opening up and building a new open economic system. Recently, China has attracted foreign investment and has taken frequent actions.

It is reported that the Ministry of Commerce will launch the "Foreign-funded Enterprise Problem Appeal Collection and Handling System" at the end of September. Chen Chunjiang, assistant minister of the Ministry of Commerce of China, pointed out that this is equivalent to setting up a roundtable meeting for foreign-funded enterprises online, and enterprises can reflect various problems encountered in the process of project construction and production and operation at any time through the system without leaving home, and can also put forward opinions and suggestions on our work.

On July 2023, 7, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao presided over a roundtable meeting for foreign-funded enterprises. From the Ministry of Commerce website

In addition, the 10th Qingdao Summit of Leaders of Multinational Corporations, co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and Shandong Province, will be held from October 10 to 12. The press conference of the State Council's new office held on September 9 revealed that 22 multinational companies have signed up.

On September 9, Pan Gongsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the People's Bank of China, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, presided over a symposium on foreign-funded financial institutions and foreign-funded enterprises, listened to relevant opinions and suggestions, studied the efforts to increase financial support for stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, and further optimized the foreign investment environment. JPMorgan Chase Bank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, UBS Securities, MUFG Bank, Tesla, BASF, Trafigura, Schneider and other foreign financial institutions and enterprises attended the symposium.

On September 9, the national video and telephone conference on stabilizing foreign trade and stabilizing foreign investment was held. The meeting pointed out that to stabilize the basic situation of foreign trade and foreign investment and complete the goals and tasks of the whole year, it is necessary to make good use of policy space, find the direction of strength, take multiple measures to play a good "combined fist" of policy measures, and focus on ten key tasks such as helping enterprises stabilize orders and expand markets, and further optimize the foreign investment environment.

Earlier, in August, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Further Optimizing the Environment for Foreign Investment and Increasing the Intensity of Attracting Foreign Investment", focusing on the outstanding concerns of foreign-funded enterprises and introducing a new batch of 8 targeted policies and measures.

Zhu Keli, executive director of the China Information Association and founding president of the National Research Institute for New Economy, told Zhongxin Financial Reporter that foreign investment, as a vane of China's higher-level opening up, is related to the overall economic situation and the overall situation of employment. The recent series of measures to attract foreign investment shows that the Chinese government attaches great importance to stabilizing and expanding foreign investment, and by optimizing the business environment, stabilizing foreign investment expectations, and enhancing the sense of gain of enterprises, the effect of the opening up policy continues to emerge, so as to effectively stabilize investment demand and achieve high-quality foreign investment.

These multinational companies have increased their investment in China

Since 2023, many executives of multinational companies have visited China intensively, and they generally said that the Chinese market is not an "option" but a "must", and they will continue to increase their investment in China and deepen their cultivation of the Chinese market.

Swire Coca-Cola (Suzhou) Beverage Co., Ltd. recently announced the start of construction of a project with a total investment of RMB 20 billion, which is also Swire Coca-Cola's largest strategic investment in China to date.

Su Wei, president of Swire Coca-Cola, told the media that it is expected that the total investment of Swire Coca-Cola in Chinese mainland will exceed 120 billion yuan in the next ten years. "This is a reflection of Swire Coca-Cola's firm confidence and sustainable development. We are optimistic about the unlimited potential of the Chinese market, look forward to sharing new opportunities and new potential energy of high-level opening up, and look forward to growing together with the Chinese market. ”

Siemens CEO Bolleren said earlier this year that Siemens would invest about 20 million euros in China as part of this year's 1 billion euro global investment. He said he wanted to "defend" and "expand" the company's market share in China.

In addition, TENCEL Group Red Bull Beverage Guangxi production base project started, with a total investment of about 13.100 billion yuan; BASF has broken ground on the syngas plant at the Zhanjiang Verbund site, BASF's largest single investment to date, with a total investment of €7 billion. Volkswagen Group announced an increase in capital of approximately USD <> million in Xpeng Motors...

In an interview with Zhongxin Finance, Deng Stu, executive chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, said that British investment in China increased by 2023.135% year-on-year in the first half of 3, which shows the interest and commitment of British companies to the Chinese market.

Data map: On May 5, Beijing time, Musk spoke at Tesla's 17 shareholders' meeting. Photo courtesy of Tesla China

Continue to be optimistic about the development potential of the Chinese market

The increased investment of multinational enterprises in China is a continuous optimism about China's economic prospects and the development potential of the Chinese market.

Tesla CEO Musk said during his visit to China this year that he praised the vitality and potential of China's development, was full of confidence in the Chinese market, and was willing to continue to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation.

"The Chinese market is worth investing more resources in terms of volume and development potential." Chang Qing, president of Munich Re Greater China, said in an exclusive interview with recently.

"We make new plans for global business development every five years, and the Chinese market has been one of the most important markets in our global layout in the past decade or more, and we will continue to increase investment in the future." He Zhao, managing director of BNP Paribas Asset Management and general manager of Overseas Investment Fund Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with China News Agency.

In his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Bund Finance Summit, European Commission Executive Vice President Dombrovskis said that as the world's second largest economy, the largest manufacturing country and the largest goods trading country, China plays an important role in the global value chain. China's economic trends will affect the global economy, and global economic growth over the past few decades has been supported by strong economic growth in China.

Zhu Keli believes that with the opening of the door wider and wider, and the continuous optimization of the business environment, China will continue to give full play to the advantages of a complete industrial system, perfect infrastructure and ultra-large-scale market, ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain of foreign-funded enterprises and multinational companies in China, further consolidate and expand foreign investment, and China's absorption level of foreign investment is expected to continue to improve, and will bring more development opportunities for foreign investment and become an important stabilizer for global cross-border investment. (Zhongxin Finance)