As the race to develop generative AI accelerates, American IT giant Amazon has announced that it will partner with an American generative AI startup and invest up to $40 billion. It seems to be aimed at competing with Microsoft and Google, which are ahead in this field.

This was announced by Amazon on the 25th through its website.

Amazon is partnering with Anthoropic, an American generative AI startup, and plans to invest up to $40 billion in the future, or about 5900 billion yen in Japan yen.

Anthoropic is a company founded by former Open AI employees who developed ChatGPT, which develops similar interactive AI and others, but is known for its focus on AI safety, such as preventing the generation of false answers.

This partnership will make it easier for Amazon's customers to incorporate Anthropic's generative AI technology, which can automatically generate text and images, into their apps.

The two companies will also collaborate on the development of semiconductors necessary for machine learning of generated AI data in the future.

In the field of generative AI, Microsoft has pledged to invest billions of dollars in open AI over multiple years, and Google is leading the way in development, and Amazon seems to be aiming to partner with startups to compete.