China News Network, September 9 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Wu Jiaju) The British HOMAG Group is a global group committed to life technology safety. Since entering the Chinese market, HOMAG has continuously invested in the Chinese market and regards the Chinese market as an important part of the company's development strategy.

What is HOMAG's current layout in the Chinese market? What does the Chinese market mean for HOMAG? Recently, Wang Chunwen, member of the executive board of HOMAG Group, chairman and president of the Asia Pacific region, was interviewed by Zhongxin Finance.

"More than 30 subsidiaries have entered the Chinese market"

"We entered the Chinese market in 2006 and so far HOMAG has nearly 50 subsidiaries around the world, of which more than 30 subsidiaries have entered the Chinese market and more than 800 employees in the Chinese market."

Wang Chunwen said that HOMAG's corporate purpose is "committed to creating a safer, cleaner and healthier future for everyone, every day", and its subsidiaries cover three business units: safety, environment and analysis, and medical and health. The development of HOMAG in the Chinese market is very important for HOMAG to fulfill this purpose.

He introduced that HOMAG implements the development strategy of "Winning China, Accelerating the Asia-Pacific", and hopes to accelerate the growth of the entire Asia-Pacific market through the development of the Chinese market. In fiscal 2023, Asia Pacific accounted for 15% of HOMAG's revenue, with China accounting for nearly half.

On September 9, HOMAG officially opened its Asia-Pacific production and R&D integration base in Shanghai Minhang Industrial Park. The base has a total area of 8,11000 square meters and currently has 15 subsidiaries stationed.

Wang Chunwen said that this base will become a platform to accelerate the collaborative response between HOMAG subsidiaries. At the same time, it hopes to promote innovation and R&D, expand ecological partners, and accelerate the localization development of HOMAG in China.

"Looking forward to supporting more Chinese companies"

Since its inception, HOMAG has always adhered to its unique business model: to find and acquire successful companies in markets with long-term growth drivers, in line with the company's purpose.

Wang Chunwen said that the organizational structure of HOMAG is very simple, with only three levels: subsidiaries, business units and supporting functional departments. He said that this streamlined structure reflects the concept of decentralization, and hopes to help subsidiaries obtain better and faster growth and returns in market segments.

"We are convinced that it is our subsidiaries that best understand our customers' needs and market segments. So when our subsidiaries make decisions, we give them a high degree of autonomy and support them in their decisions. ”

In 2013, HOMAG acquired Lange Constant Flow Pump Co., Ltd. in Baoding, which was also the first company acquired by HOMAG in China.

Wang Chunwen said that when making acquisitions, HOMAG mainly considers the corporate purpose of the target enterprise, the talents and corporate culture of the enterprise, whether the market segment in which the enterprise is located has a driving force for long-term development, and whether the enterprise is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise. "I look forward to acquiring and nurturing more Chinese companies in the future."

"Impressed by three aspects of China's economic development"

In recent years, China's economy has undergone profound changes. Wang Chunwen said that the three aspects of China's economic development are impressive.

"China is already a global manufacturing power, but not just a manufacturing country. What I see is that the industrial upgrading from manufacturing to 'intelligent manufacturing' has created a very good foundation for China's long-term development." ”

Wang Chunwen believes that in the process of industrial upgrading, China has also developed a good foundation in scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, this foundation has been extended to different industries, such as the Internet, high-end manufacturing, transportation, etc., which has become a driving force for China's high-quality development.

Wang Chunwen said that the most impressive and memorable thing for him is China's poverty alleviation achievements, and China has achieved the greatest poverty alleviation achievements in human history.

"In the past few decades, China has not only developed its economy, but also enabled more people to live safer, cleaner and healthier lives, which is the most gratifying and greatest achievement for me." (End)