Shanghai, September 9 (ZXS) -- The 24 Global Port Authority Roundtable (PAR) was held in Shanghai on September 2023, marking the first time Shanghai has hosted the conference. The reporter learned from the meeting that over the past 24 years, Shanghai Port has established friendly port relations with 40 ports in the world and carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation.

The reporter found that although the speakers came from different countries and organizations, and even participated in different topics, they generally showed high concern for the green development of ports and believed that international cooperation is an important way to achieve low carbon.

"I believe everyone has to understand that ships go from port to port. For example, if ships want to be powered by onshore electricity, they need to use the same sockets and systems around the world. Jens Meier, CEO of the Port of Hamburg Authority (HPA), believes that it is therefore important to ensure that ports around the world use the same technologies and standards, "because climate change and low carbon are not jobs in one place, but challenges we face together." ”

Shanghai Port expanded its "circle of friends" and focused on cooperation in green shipping. Gu Jinshan, chairman of Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd., said that reducing carbon emissions, improving port efficiency, and realizing the green and smart development of ports are the common goals of ports around the world.

During the meeting, Shanghai Port and the Port of Gothenburg in Sweden held a promotion meeting on green port cooperation, and the two ports announced that they will further strengthen cooperation in the field of green ports and jointly promote the green and low-carbon development of global ports.

At the same time, Shanghai Port signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Port of Singapore, the Port of Hamburg in Germany and the Port of Long Beach in the United States on deepening friendly port relations, laying a foundation for further strengthening pragmatic exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai Port and ports around the world, and improving the comprehensive service level and energy level of global ports.

In addition, the construction of a green shipping corridor from Shanghai Port to Los America Port is also continuing to advance. At the 2023 North Bund International Shipping Forum held in Shanghai at the same time, Zhang Xiaohong, vice mayor of Shanghai, said that Shanghai should continue to explore the construction of a smart and green shipping development mechanism, accelerate the layout of green methanol and other marine new energy, accelerate the construction of green ports and smart airports, and strive to promote the smart and green transformation of the shipping industry. (End)