Regarding the Bank of Japan's Tankan = Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises to be released on March 2, there is a view that the economic assessment of large firms and manufacturers will improve for the second consecutive quarter, mainly because the private sector forecasts that automobile production is picking up.

The Bank of Japan's Tankan is a survey of more than 9000,2 domestic companies asking them about the current state of the economy, and 12 companies, including private think tanks, released forecasts ahead of their release on March 4.

According to the forecast, the index, which shows the economic judgment of large companies and manufacturers, which is particularly noteworthy when looking at the economy, has increased from plus 9 points to plus 12 points.

Eight out of 8 companies expect an improvement for the second consecutive quarter, surpassing the plus 6 points in the previous survey results in June, but many expect the improvement to be small.

The reasons for the improvement include the easing trend in semiconductor supply shortages and a pick-up in automobile and machinery production.

On the other hand, three companies predict a flat performance and one predict a slight deterioration, and the analysis is that the slowdown in the Chinese economy and soaring raw material prices are holding down corporate earnings.

In addition, 5 out of 2 large nonmanufacturing firms predict an improvement in the lodging and food service industries, as the lodging and food service industries are recovering due to an increase in inbound tourism.