Beijing, 9 Sep (Zhongxin Net) -- A clump of golden yellow with fragrant melons and fruits. Today is the autumnal equinox day, and it is also the sixth Chinese farmers' harvest festival in China. The land of China is orange-yellow-orange-green, and there is a harvest scene everywhere. Harvest festivals have been organized in various places to celebrate the harvest time and paint a beautiful picture of the countryside in the new era.

The pellets are returned to the warehouse and the grain is hoarded

Autumn grain production accounts for three-quarters of the annual grain output and is the bulk of the annual grain harvest. With the arrival of the autumnal equinox, all parts of China have ushered in the autumn harvest season, and all places are busy with autumn harvest.

In Heilongjiang, the largest grain producing province in China, the roar of harvesters has sounded. At the Jinruilai fresh corn planting base in Qingfeng Township, Youyi County, Heilongjiang Province, rows of straw are quickly cut and crushed through large-scale mechanized harvesting, and pieces of corn ears are quickly loaded into the carriage.

In August this year, when some areas of Heilongjiang were hit by floods, the province grasped the recovery of production after the disaster with one hand, and the field management of unaffected plots with the other, "competing with the sky for food". At present, corn in Heilongjiang Province is concentrated in the wax ripening stage, soybean is at the end of the drum grain stage, and rice is in the wax ripening stage-yellow ripening stage, and the province's grain harvest is already in sight. Pang Haitao, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Heilongjiang Province, said that from the current growth of the entire field, the overall growth of more than 8 million mu of grain crops in the province is gratifying, and the fertility process is better than that of the perennial year, which can be said to be a bumper harvest in sight.

With the arrival of the autumn harvest, rice in many places has also ushered in a new harvest. Every year in September, when the rice is ripe in Jingmen City, Hubei Province, located in the northern part of the Jianghan Plain, golden rice fields rise and fall in the wind. This year, more than 9.370 million mu of rice has been planted in Jingmen City, and the harvesting work has been carried out from south to north, and the harvest is expected to be completed by mid-October.

Since the beginning of this year, after experiencing a series of barriers such as drought resistance, flood resistance, and insect food grabbing, China's summer grain output has reached 2923.17 billion jin, ranking the second highest in history. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the area of grain in autumn this year has increased steadily, especially the area of corn, a high-yield crop, which has increased a lot. Except for parts of North China, Northeast China and parts of Northwest China, drought and flood disasters in the whole country are generally lighter than usual. At present, the autumn grain harvest across the country is opening one after another, and a bumper harvest is in sight. The latest agricultural situation scheduling shows that the progress of autumn grain harvest nationwide has exceeded <>%.

This year, China will continue to "firmly hold the rice bowl in its own hands" and have the confidence and confidence.

Harvests are celebrated across the country

Since 2018, China has set the annual lunar autumn equinox as the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival, and now, the Farmers' Harvest Festival has entered its sixth year, which has become a festival for farmers across the country, a symbol of Chinese farming civilization, and a window for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. Since September this year, with the "autumn harvest time" entering one after another, villages in various places have also carried out harvest celebration activities.

On the 23rd, the national main event of the China Farmers' Harvest Festival was held in Wuhu, Anhui Province, with the theme of "celebrating a bumper harvest and promoting harmony and beauty". This year's harvest festival will organize 10 activities such as mass celebration of harvest, national agricultural science and technology equipment achievements exhibition, national farmers' sports and fitness competition, and Chinese farming culture exhibition.

In addition to the national main event, celebrations in various places are also in full swing. For example, during the harvest festival, more than 170 harvest celebration activities will be organized throughout Sichuan Province, such as grain machine harvesting competitions, selection and recognition of grain planters, and exchange of experience among large grain farmers. On the 23rd, the first "China Farmers' Harvest Festival" Shaanxi Yangling Branch with the theme of "Joy Moves the Three Qin Lands to Celebrate the Abundance of Grains" was opened in Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone, the celebration is divided into three major sections: "Central Venue Celebration of Harvest Gala", "Pastoral Harvest Carnival" and "Rural Revitalization Yangling Forum", highlighting the characteristics of agricultural civilization and agricultural science and technology.

On the 23rd, Yucun, Zhejiang Province held a unique marathon, and more than 400 marathon enthusiasts such as local villagers, rural construction entrepreneurs, migrant youth, and foreign tourists "ran" happily. As one of the six branch venues in the country, Yucun event also integrates local bamboo, tea and other characteristic industrial elements, and the Dongling lanterns dedicated by peasant actors kicked off the curtain, and the village song joint singing, bamboo music performance, silver dragon dance and other programs added joy to the farmers' harvest festival.

At the Dahuang Village Cultural Square in Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, the villagers and spectators dressed in uniform yellow T-shirts and holding golden rice ears converged into a golden ocean.

Celebrating a bumper harvest should also promote an increase in income

A bumper grain harvest is of great significance to national food security and an important source of income for rural residents. The Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival takes farmers as the protagonists, not only to celebrate the harvest, but also to promote farmers' income through this opportunity. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that highlighting active consumption is one of the five aspects highlighted by this year's harvest festival.

As a supporting activity of the China Farmers' Harvest Festival, the 2023 China Farmers' Harvest Festival Golden Autumn Consumption Season activity was launched in August this year, guiding e-commerce platforms, supermarket logistics enterprises, industry associations and other entities to widely participate, carry out multi-level and diversified consumption promotion activities, launch "vegetable basket" products and brand agricultural products consumption promotion actions, and support major producing areas to carry out colorful thematic promotions and centralized procurement activities in large and medium-sized cities. The event will last for 8 months.

Shen International Division, Director of the Market Construction Division of the Department of Market and Information Technology of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that this year's China Farmers' Harvest Festival will focus on benefiting farmers and helping farmers, and hold key promotion and consumption assistance activities. As a key activity under the guidance of the Steering Committee of the China Farmers' Harvest Festival, the 2023 China Farmers' Harvest Festival Golden Autumn Consumption Season has begun, building a production and marketing docking platform to publicize and promote agricultural brands and promote the consumption of agricultural products. Since 2018, the autumn consumption season has been successfully held for 5 sessions, driving the sales of agricultural products to more than 800 billion yuan. The autumn consumption season event is expected to attract more than 50,<> merchants to participate.

Taking the harvest festival as an opportunity, Luochuan apples, Gannan navel oranges, Dingxi potatoes, Guangxi beiliu passion fruit, Huili soft seed pomegranates, Liaoning Panjin rice and other "native products" from all over the country have gone out of the countryside and mountains with the help of e-commerce live broadcasts, exhibition and sales activities, etc., further driving farmers to increase income and become rich.

As autumn grain enters the harvest season, various places are also ready to purchase autumn grain. The State Food and Material Reserve Administration said that from the recent dispatch situation, this year's autumn grain sowing area has increased steadily, autumn grain in most areas is growing well, and is expected to have another bumper harvest, this year's autumn grain commodity grain and purchase volume will remain at a high level, and it is expected that the peak season purchase volume is roughly about 2 million tons. It is necessary to earnestly do a good job in the purchase of autumn grain, refine practical policies and measures, make warehouse capacity and capital preparations in advance, and ensure that the "good harvest" of grain farmers is turned into "good income" in a timely manner. (End)