Deyang, Sichuan, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- How do the Three Gorges Hydropower Station and Baihetan Hydropower Station generate electricity? How can China's "gas fighting machine" break through the technological blockade?

These well-known heavy weapons of large countries are inseparable from the continuous pursuit of "Chinese precision" by engineers and technicians.

Technically meticulously crafted, the heavy weapons of the big country staged "iron wall embroidery"

Located in Deyang, Sichuan, the "China First Span" heavy span plant, was built in the 90s of last century, the plant is about 400 meters long, 36 meters wide and 33 meters high, gathering a number of Chinese and even world-class processing equipment. Due to its large scale and super manufacturing capacity, it is known as "China's first cross".

According to reports, important components of giant hydropower units such as Three Gorges and Baihetan are produced in this plant, and the transportation starting point of these large equipment is also the "zero starting point" of the large highway, an important channel for the transportation of large products out of Sichuan.

Jiang Yankun, deputy director of the digital intelligence department of Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd., told reporters that the power generation equipment developed here accounts for about 1/4 of China's total installed capacity, which means that every 4 kWh of electricity in China comes from the equipment of Dongfang Electric Group.

The reporter learned that just last month, the world's first single-unit with a maximum power of 500 MW impact hydropower unit runner center body forgings led by Dongfang Electric Group, led by Dongfang Electric Group, fully passed the acceptance, achieving a milestone breakthrough in the development of 500 MW high-head large-capacity impact hydropower units.

At present, the 500 MW impact hydropower unit runner is undergoing 3D printing additive manufacturing in the "China's first span" plant.

The reporter noticed in the factory that the technology is controlled remotely, and multiple robots can operate unattended, just like "embroidery" on an iron wall.

3D printing additive manufacturing in the "first span of China" plant. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

Jiang Yankun said that at present, this technology has achieved customized design, and the manufacturing can also achieve the effect of "welding is obtaining". "Through the development and application of surface nanotechnology technology, the surface roughness of the runner can achieve a mirror effect."

In fact, since its construction in the 90s, this plant has not stopped pursuing precision.

Li Haoliang, deputy director of the digital intelligence department of Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd. of Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd., recalled that the design in the 90s of last century was to draw drawings with a pen, just like drawing; After 2000, designers began to use software for design. Up to now, the design is basically driven by 40D models, and has realized <>D R&D, design, industrial quality inspection and manufacturing collaboration. "Combined with <>D, we can complete some parametric designs, and efficiently collaborate with R&D, production and manufacturing behind." The overall R&D efficiency can be improved by more than <>%. He said.

Robotic welding in the workshop. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

Taking the nuclear power spindle being processed in the plant as an example, Jiang Yankun told reporters that the weight of this nuclear power spindle is close to 250 tons, and the journal is used as the support part of the shaft bearing, and the processing accuracy requires a runout of less than 0.01 mm. Today's technology is fully capable of reaching this level, and only in this way can it effectively reduce vibration and ensure the smooth operation of nuclear power plants.

Strive for excellence in the process: "gas fighting machine" breaks through the technical blockade

While the accuracy has improved, breakthroughs have been made in technology that has been blocked for many years.

"At present, Dongfang Electric Group has the ability to process and manufacture all parts of gas turbines." Tian Xiaojing, deputy director of the full weight laboratory of Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., introduced that the G50 is the first gas turbine in China that is completely forward independent design and manufacturing test, breaking the technical blockade of more than 70 years.

The G50 gas turbine is the first F-class 50 MW heavy-duty gas turbine with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. In March this year, the G3 gas turbine successfully passed the 50-hour commercial operation assessment of the power plant, and the G96 was successfully developed. The G50 gas turbine is also known as the "gas fighter".

Laser repair workstation running scene. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

Tian Xiaojing told reporters that taking the blade processing unmanned workshop and the black light production line as an example, the precision of the processed blade reaches 0.03 mm, which is smaller than the diameter of a hair.

Interior view of the heavy-duty second branch. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

It is worth mentioning that various cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and virtual reality have also been gradually applied to industrial production.

The reporter learned that Dongfang Steam Turbine, a subsidiary of Dongfang Electric Group, has built a 5G fully connected digital factory, built a 27G exclusive network with 240 macro base stations and 5 micro base stations, deployed more than 30,<> digital measurement points in the park, and applied the self-developed industrial Internet base to realize data-driven and business collaboration in six major sectors of enterprise operation.

In addition, the virtual reality technology common to the public in short videos and video games has also been applied in the workshops of Dongfang Electric Group.

According to the data, the "digital workshop of final assembly" of the first branch of Dongfang Steam Turbine Heavy has created a new mode of virtual assembly of steam turbines, with an average efficiency increase of more than 75% and a quality increase of more than 40%, with three advantages: accurate matching of product production, accurate prediction of flow and accurate delivery of products.

Tian Xiaojing told reporters that in the 50-year process of developing the G14 gas turbine, Dongfang Steam Turbine has cooperated with more than 300 supporting enterprises, and has formed an industrial alliance with 28 of them to achieve complete autonomy and control of the small and medium-sized gas turbine industry chain. "In the future, we also hope that more companies will participate in cooperation." She said.

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To the vast and subtle: "China equippes, equips China" "Chinese equipment, benefits the world"

In Dongfang Electric Group, there are many similar achievements.

During the interview, Song Min, deputy director of the R&D Center of Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd., told reporters such a detail: "Although many of Dongfang Electric's plants are located in Deyang, Sichuan, you can hear many nouns with a northeastern accent here, many of which have even become the speaking habits of today's Dongfang Electric people." ”

Behind this detail is the history of Dongfang Electric Group for more than 60 years.

In the fifties of the last century, stemming from the national strategic concept of developing southwest hydropower, builders from all over the world gathered in Deyang and began to build factories with large-scale power generation equipment manufacturing capabilities. With the opening of the "three-line construction", in 1965, Deyang Hydropower Equipment Factory was renamed Dongfang Electric Machinery Factory, in 1971 Dongfang Boiler Plant was completed and put into operation, and in 1974 the construction of Dongfang Steam Turbine Plant was completed.

During this period, many engineering construction personnel were transferred from the northeast to Deyang, Sichuan, starting from scratch and working hard, and also took root in this land, creating a local "northeast dialect island".

Looking back at history, with the pursuit of precision, countless major countries have "come out" from here.

In 1981, Dongfang Electric successfully developed the 170MW axial flow rotary propeller hydropower unit in Gezhouba, which has the largest rotor diameter in the world, and won the special prize of the first National Science and Technology Progress Award. In 1984, the 320MW hydroelectric generator set of Longyangxia, which had the largest single capacity in China at that time, was successfully developed. In 1987, the "gas fighting engine" of the East at that time - the Dongfang 300MW steam turbine was developed.

In the construction of the Three Gorges Project, Dongfang Electric took the lead in developing the world's first 700MW "self-circulating evaporative cooling" unit with independent intellectual property rights, equipping the Three Gorges Dam with a "Chinese heart" and realizing the leap of "China equipped, equipped with China".

Robots in the "unmanned workshop" perform lamination operations. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jun

"Equipping China" is not the end, "benefiting the world" has become a new goal. Today, Dongfang Electric Group has provided power generation equipment to more than 100 countries and regions such as Brazil, Ethiopia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Li Haoliang, deputy director of the digital intelligence department of Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd., revealed that Dongfang Electric will build a new welding plant next year, and all robot welding operations can be realized in the future. (End)