Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Haiyan

On this side, Hua Xizi just issued an apology statement for 79 yuan eyebrow pencil; Over there, the "79 yuan package" has become the traffic password of domestic brands. Recently, domestic brands such as Bee Flower, Lotus, Yumeijing, and Hongxing Erke have launched product sets of 79 yuan in the live broadcast room, and they have made a lot of money. And this wave of carnival of domestic products was also ridiculed by netizens as harvesting "heavenly wealth". However, it is worth noting that the scene of domestic brands becoming popular overnight is not unfamiliar, but the craze often lasts soon and then dissipates. The analysis pointed out that the "79 yuan package" sold out is a new breakthrough for domestic brands to adapt to the new marketing environment and new consumer groups, and how to become red after the traffic carnival is still a problem that many domestic brands have to think about.

The 79 yuan set fancy "whole life" welcomes the double of traffic sales

On the evening of September 9, in the Douyin live broadcast room of Bee Flower, the anchor put on the shelves three washing sets priced at 11 yuan overnight, and said that "3 yuan can buy 79 and a half pounds", these three sets include 79 bottles of 5L conditioner and 2 bottle of 1ML shampoo.

According to Feigua statistics, on the night of September 9, Bee Flower Douyin live broadcast increased by 11,16 followers, with sales of more than 3 million yuan and sales of more than 2500,50 orders.

Under the "bee flower effect", many domestic brands have also joined this big drama.

On the evening of September 9, Bee Flower and sportswear brand Hongxing Erke came to a dream linkage, and "Hongxing Erke anchor washes his hair with bee flower" once appeared on the hot search. In addition to the bee flower brand, Hongxing Erke's live broadcast room also has well-known domestic brands such as Weilong Spicy Strips, Old Godmother, Fuling Squeezed Vegetables, White Rabbit, Wahaha and Huiyuan Juice. Under this wave of operation, the traffic and sales of Hongxing Erke's live broadcast room also doubled.

According to data from the Daduoduo platform, on September 9, the total number of views in the Douyin live broadcast room of Hongxing Erke's official flagship store was 13.597 million, and the sales were nearly 6 million yuan. Prior to this, the sales of the live broadcast room remained at about 500,50 yuan for a long time.

On September 9, the domestic children's cream brand "Yumeijing" "went online" overnight and officially announced on Weibo that it had fully entered major platforms. That night, Yu Meijing's chairman Shi Bin appeared in Yu Meijing's first live broadcast, dancing to thank the audience. According to cicada mother data, as of 14 o'clock on September 9, Yu Meijing's sales were 14 million yuan to 24.10 million yuan after 100 hours of live broadcasting. As of September 250, the number of fans of Yumeijing's official Douyin flagship store has risen to 9.21 million.

What is more noteworthy is that domestic brands not only "killed" in this sudden attack, but also set off a wave of cross-border cooperation. Many brands recommend each other's products in their own live broadcast room fancy "whole life", Hongxing Erke anchor is washing hair with bee flower, netizens are "shaking" people to vitality 28 live broadcast room, and the table of bee flower is full of white jade toothpaste, white elephant instant noodles, etc., bringing new surprises and experiences to consumers.

Good quality and low price, with emotional value

The reporter noticed that most of the domestic brands that took advantage of the trend this time were mainly cost-effective routes that were cheap and affordable, and high quality and low price.

Although some people in the daily chemical industry criticized that product sales are not a good thing for the cosmetics industry, some people even said: "This is a regression of the industry and a shame for the industry." But it does not prevent fans from flocking to the live broadcast room of various domestic brands, most consumers said that the 79 yuan set meal is cheap and comes with emotional value, and "splashing the sky and rich" is finally the turn of old domestic products.

In a lively atmosphere, Ms. Liu of the 80s generation was also attracted and stayed in the live broadcast room, "I'll see what I can buy." Ms. Liu said that she has always been a loyal user of Bee Flower, and the live broadcast of domestic brands is lively and cheap, and she can't help but want to hold a show. When asked, are you worried about "stepping on thunder" when placing an order? Ms. Li said: "Bee Flower is the memory of our generation, so many years old brand, I believe it will adhere to the quality and never forget the original intention. ”

After 95, Xiaolin (pseudonym) stopped for a long time in the Hongxing Erke live broadcast room and ordered two pairs of shoes for 79 yuan. "Some anchors wash their hair with their shoes coated with bee flowers, which is very interesting, I think it's like watching a funny variety show." Xiao Lin said with a smile, "The brand side is so creative, I must support it." ”

Under this wave of marketing and cross-border linkage, some domestic brands became popular overnight and became the "light of domestic products". However, after the heat passed, on the morning of September 9, when the reporter browsed the live broadcast rooms of various domestic products, he found that the popularity of each live broadcast room had returned to flat. At 21 p.m., about 1,2000 people watched online in the Douyin Bee Flower live broadcast room, while there were only about 700 people in the Hongxing Erke live broadcast room. Compared with the grandeur watched by tens of thousands of people in the live broadcast room a few days ago, it was eclipsed.

Whether the popularity can be sustained depends on quality and word of mouth

In fact, for some domestic brands, the overnight popularity scene is not unfamiliar, but the boom often lasts soon and then subsides.

The reporter combed and found that in July 2021, Hongxing Erke announced the donation of 7 million yuan of materials to the disaster area in Henan under the condition of consecutive years of losses. For a while, Hongxing Erke's "bankruptcy-style donation" rushed to the hot search, and netizens poured into its live broadcast room to shop, resulting in the whole network from shoes to clothing out of stock. But two months after Hongxing Erke became popular, the loss of powder began to appear. Feigua data shows that from October 5000, 2021 to October 10, 4, in less than 2021 days, the official Douyin live broadcast room of Hongxing Erke brand lost 10,31 fans almost every day.

Coincidentally, during the "Double 2021" period in 11, the relevant terms of "bee flower suspected bankruptcy" rushed to Weibo hot search, triggering netizens' support for this old domestic cleaning brand, holding the feeling of "saving" domestic brands, consumers appeared a wave of "wild consumption". Feigua data shows that the sales of the official Douyin account of Beeflower in November 2021 were 11.1597 million yuan, of which 6.1499 million yuan was completed during the hot search event. Regarding the rumors of suspected bankruptcy, Bee Hua responded on the official Weibo that the company has been developing healthily and will not go bankrupt. But after the hot search, the brand's attention and sales returned to calm.

Obviously, domestic brands have gone from turning red to long red, and the road is blocked and long.

Zhang Yi, CEO and chief analyst of iMedia Consulting, told reporters that the "79 yuan package" sold out is a new breakthrough made by domestic brands to adapt to the new marketing environment and new consumer groups. Many brands have gained fans and found opportunities to break the sales circle. But objectively speaking, this wave of traffic will soon return to calm.

So, how do domestic brands go from red to long-last?

In Zhang Yi's view, the first thing to do is to change from the point of view, nowadays, live broadcast has become a new mainstream trend and direction, domestic brands should follow the trend and face it positively; Secondly, we must adhere to product innovation, innovate in terms of quality, packaging and tonality, and find an entry point that meets the mainstream needs of the market; Finally, be professional. In the past, domestic products were mainly sold through traditional channels such as stores and distributors, but now with the rise of emerging sales channels, the maintenance, captivity and interaction of fans need professionals to do.

Commentator Xie Xiaowen also said that the popularity of the brand can continue depends on the quality and reputation of the product. If the product quality is recognized by consumers and praised, this hot selling situation may last for a long time. However, if the quality of the product does not meet consumer expectations, the heat may quickly fade.

He believes that overall, the hot sales of domestic "79 yuan package" reflect consumers' demand for affordable and cost-effective products and the increased recognition of domestic brands. However, brands and enterprises should also pay attention to the improvement of product quality and reputation while pursuing market hot sales to ensure long-term market competitiveness. (Yangcheng Evening News)