In the Tokyo stock market on the 21st, following the meeting of the Fed = Federal Reserve, selling orders gathered for semiconductor-related stocks due to the expectation that monetary tightening in the United States will be prolonged, and the Nikkei Stock Average fell by more than 400 yen.

In the Tokyo stock market on the 21st, selling orders spread to high-tech-related stocks such as semiconductors as expectations spread that the tightening of monetary policy in the United States would be prolonged due to the outlook for policy interest rates by participants of the Fed meeting announced on the 20th.

▽ Nikkei Stock Average closed at 21,20.452 yen
on the 75st, 3.2571 yen lower than the closing price on the 3th ▽ TSE Stock Price Index = Topix fell 22.59 to 2383.41
▽ Daily volume was 1,15.6758 million shares.

On the 20th, based on the outlook for the policy interest rate presented by the participants of the Fed = Federal Reserve meeting, there was a view that monetary tightening in the United States would be prolonged, and stock prices fell in the New York market, mainly in high-tech-related products.

In response to this, sell orders for semiconductor-related stocks expanded in the Tokyo market. The decline in stock prices in major Asian markets also somewhat weakened investors' willingness to take risks.

The next point of attention for the market will be the results of the BOJ's monetary policy meeting to be announced on the 22nd. Long-term interest rates rose to a 7-year high on the back of the flexibility of monetary policy at the previous meeting in July, and the yen weakened and the dollar appreciated.

Some market participants are observing that the timing of the revision of monetary easing measures is approaching, and the focus will be on what message the Bank of Japan will give regarding the direction of monetary policy.