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Greenpeace protest in front of Rügen: »Gas destroyed!«

Photo: Anonymous / Greenpeace

Activists from the environmental protection organization Greenpeace have briefly blocked the laying of pipes for the Rügen terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Bay of Greifswald.

On the water near Lubmin, four to five rubber dinghies were in an unannounced action around the pipeline laying "Castoro 10" on the way, said a police spokeswoman. Two people also climbed onto a section of the pipeline and hung up a banner there. It read, "Gas destroyed!"

Work on the ship had been stopped for the time being. According to the information, the water police were also on the road with several rubber dinghies on the Bodden. The activists should also be checked and their personal details recorded.

Greenpeace itself said that some of the activists on the "Castoro 10" had attached themselves to one of the pipes lying there. According to the organization, around 30 activists are on site.

The approximately 50-kilometre-long pipeline is to be laid through the Bodden, around the south-east of Rügen to Mukran in the north of the island. Here, two special ships are to bring the LNG delivered by ship back to its gaseous state and feed it into the grid.