Mooncakes full of national tides

"Wearing Cantonese Notes - Discovering the Treasures of Guangzhou" Guangzhou City Souvenir Cultural and Creative Gift Box

Text/Picture Yangcheng Evening News reporter Sun Qiman, Xu Yue, Shen Zhao

With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, mooncakes have once again become the "number one" in online and offline retail.

In previous years, mooncake roll packaging, roll taste, what is "rolled" in the mooncake industry this year? A reporter from the Yangcheng Evening News recently visited a number of supermarkets in Guangzhou and saw that many mooncakes this year focused on the national tide and devoted themselves to cultural answers, and many "cultural and creative products" can really taste the "taste" of unique intangible cultural heritage. Of course, there are also a considerable number of mooncakes that go in a simple style, and mooncakes of 100-200 yuan / box are the best to sell.

It is worth mentioning that many merchants have sold mooncakes in the form of mooncake coupons this year to facilitate the circulation of mooncakes as gifts. Many long-established mooncakes choose to go to the cloud and deliver them to consumers' homes in a lighter way.

Cantonese-style mooncakes hold the sense of Mid-Autumn Festival ritual

In Guangzhou's foodie jianghu, mooncakes of various flavors are available from all over the country, but the best selling is the local Cantonese-style mooncakes. As a representative product of Lingnan baked goods, Cantonese mooncakes concentrate the essence of Lingnan food culture, and also carry Chinese traditional culture and Lingnan food cultural heritage, and have long occupied a high market share in the mooncake market, accounting for more than 60% of the total domestic mooncake output.

Relevant persons in charge of China Resources Vanguard and Guangdong Aeon said that more than ninety percent of sales are contributed by Cantonese-style mooncakes. In CR Vanguard, nearly 300 mooncakes are on the shelves in one month's cake season. With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, whether in stores or online stores, various coupons with full discounts have been launched recently. The reporter noticed that mooncakes of 100 yuan to 200 yuan / box are the most and the best to sell. The promoter said that although various new flavors of mooncakes have emerged in recent years, many people still have to eat an egg yolk white lotus paste during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which can be regarded as a sense of ritual for the festival. "Guangzhou Restaurant, Lianxiang Lou and other time-honored iron box mooncakes, so many years do not need to change the packaging, Lao Guang recognizes this box."

After being rolled up by new consumer brands for many years, more and more time-honored brands have expressed a strong "desire for survival" to young consumers this year, whether in terms of taste or packaging. An obvious change is that the specifications of individual mooncakes are getting smaller and smaller, and there are more and more different flavors in a box of mooncakes, catering to the demands of young people for multi-flavor and small-portion tasting. For example, black truffle flowing custard mooncakes, French caviar flowing mooncakes and other Chinese and Western mooncakes, innovative flavors will still make people shine every year.

Mooncake derivatives became popular in the market

In addition to traditional mooncakes, many mooncake derivatives have become popular this year.

Consumer Ms. Lin told reporters that this year, when her company purchases mooncakes, it is more inclined to purchase mooncake coupons, "First, you don't need to take it home, you can scan the QR code and deliver it to your home." Second, as a holiday gift, it is convenient for people to circulate if they need it. ”

As mooncakes gradually evolve into a creative showcase and a new cultural creativity that can be eaten, the ceiling of this track has also been pushed to a higher point by brands. This year's mooncake industry has many national retro tin mooncake gift boxes, and some also come with rechargeable wooden handle paper lamps.

For example, Guangzhou Restaurant Group and Guangzhou Museum jointly developed the "Wearing Cantonese Notes - Discover Guangzhou Treasures" Guangzhou City Souvenir Cultural and Creative Gift Box, and Guangzhou Museum designed and developed the "Wearing Cantonese Notes" board game according to the historical development characteristics of Guangzhou and combined with academic research achievements and educational promotion experience. This board game draws on the gameplay of "Shengguan Tu", which can be called the earliest board game in China, and the modern classic board game "Monopoly", coupled with the new Cantonese pastry carefully created by the intangible cultural heritage Cantonese master team of Guangzhou Restaurant Group combined with the characteristic taste of Lingnan Jiaguo and the theme of modern light health, allowing everyone to appreciate Lingnan's long-standing food culture.

On the packaging, the gift box is based on the cultural relics collected by the Guangzhou Museum - "Black Lacquer Tracing Gold and Silver Character Story Pattern Game Box" as the design prototype, the appearance absorbs the original cultural relics' unique flower mouth corner shape and complex light decoration, with the theme of "through thousands of years, open treasures", allowing players to feel the splendor of Qing Dynasty guangzuo and Cantonese aesthetic charm from the retro appearance. The gold-tracing patterns and ornaments on the game box are all derived from the Guangzhou Museum's export paintings "Lion Dance Diagram", "Dragon Dance Diagram", "Lantern Lantern Parade", "Tea Selling Picture", "Greeting Honor Guard Parade", as well as cultural relics elements such as the green-glazed lion of Shiwan kiln in the late Qing Dynasty, taking the meaning of auspicious auspicious Rui, and at the same time using printmaking techniques to recreate, highlighting the traditional culture of Canton, but also modern sense.

Time-honored mooncakes embrace digital transformation

As a must-have ritual for the Mid-Autumn Festival, many consumers go to long-established stores every year to snap up the first wave of mooncakes, and there is no problem in line. With the change of consumption patterns, many young people now choose to take food directly to their homes.

More than 30 time-honored brands such as Quanjude, Cheap Fang, Emei Restaurant, Jindingxuan, Xinghualou, Da Fugui, Xi'an Restaurant, and Diandude all participated in the takeaway live broadcast, and launched online discounts for mooncake gift boxes. Taking the Beijing special session as an example, Quanjude freshly roasted duck (complete set), some stores have a limited time of 7.6% off. The original price of 288 yuan in the "family letter mooncake gift box" in the cheap place only costs 218 yuan in the live broadcast room. The seven-star moon gift box of Shanghai's time-honored Xinghua Building dropped 40 yuan in the live broadcast room. In the special session in Shenzhen, Dian Dude launched the "Single Meal for Drinking Tea", which only costs 44 yuan. In addition, the Shenzhen special session also sells a variety of mooncakes and Mid-Autumn Festival set meals from popular time-honored brands such as Taotaoju Restaurant, Diandude, Xibei Song Noodle Village, and Nanjing Dapai Stalls for a limited time to meet consumers' various needs for food during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Embracing the new trend of the market and realizing the digital transformation of time-honored brands has been the focus of major time-honored brands in recent years, and the opening of takeaway is the first step for time-honored brands to go digital, and now keeping up with the trend and trying new tools for takeaway explosive marketing is a new step for these brands.

Since the beginning of September, Xi Weizhong, general manager of Shanghai's 9-year-old brand Dafugui Restaurant and the sixth generation heir of Haipai Huicai, also walked into the Meituan takeaway live broadcast room to promote time-honored specialty products, and the sales of Dafugui's takeaway coupon packages on the day of the live broadcast increased by 142% year-on-year, and the order volume increased by 246% year-on-year; Xinghualou, another century-old brand, has achieved outstanding results in the live broadcast room, and Xinghualou joined the Meituan takeaway god's sought-after live broadcast room for only one week, and the brand's takeaway sales increased by 215% week-on-week, finding new growth opportunities for time-honored brands in the takeaway field. (Yangcheng Evening News)