Increase penalties

End the black medical beauty "catch the fine of 1,<>, can't catch and earn hi" strange circle

□ Luo Zhihua

"Fake experts", "fake institutions" and "fake products" are the "three major pits" of harm in the medical beauty industry, but it is difficult to identify, difficult to collect evidence, and light punishment, so that some "black medical beauty" have no fear, and even hold the fluke mentality of "catching a fine of 1,9 and not being able to catch and earn hi", and wantonly earn "black money". Recently, the Gansu Provincial Administration for Market Supervision has exposed several typical cases of violations in the field of medical cosmetology, which can be described as shocking, but the punishment results are inevitably embarrassing. (Daily Worker, September 20)

A general doctor who appointed himself the "skin director" and blew the treatment effect to the sky, was fined 1,3 yuan at the plastic and cosmetic hospital; A beauty clinic using expired surgical gauze accessories was given a penalty of "confiscation of expired medical devices and a fine of 65,76 yuan"; The solid drink launched by a health center is just ordinary food, but it preaches "73% cancer prevention, 2% treatment capacity, and <>% treatment of arthritis", and only fined <>,<> yuan... The disproportionate severity of the penalty is a common feature of these cases.

The medical beauty industry is very profitable, a small operation, charging tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan is a common thing, in the "skin dean" and "plastic surgery professor" under the foolishness, consumers are slaughtered tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan is not uncommon. This fine may be earned through a day or two of business, or even through one or two aesthetic services. There is a sharp contrast between the large number of illegal gains and the small cost of illegal activities.

These cases are only a microcosm, and the punishment is too light in the field of medical aesthetics. As a result, punishment not only does not have much deterrent effect, but will give rise to strange psychology such as "waiting for you to punish", and even make "spending money to settle" become the survival rule of some medical beauty institutions. What's more, there have been medical and aesthetic institutions that take "as long as there are no deaths" as the bottom line.

If medical beauty supervision wants to get out of the vicious circle of "catching a fine of 1,<> and not catching and earning", the most direct way is to increase the severity of punishment, in addition to greatly increasing the amount of a single penalty, it can also consider taking measures such as daily penalties. You know, the reason why some medical beauty institutions have a "waiting for you to punish" mentality is because after punishment, they often do not go to the door for a period of time, and the institution can take advantage of this to make a lot of money. After the fine, the "horse gun" is still frequently killed, and if it is found that it has not been rectified, it can still be punished again, or even calculate the amount of the fine on a daily basis, which will greatly increase the deterrent power of the punishment.

It should also be noted that medical aesthetic supervision alone is difficult to solve the problem by fines. Medical beauty institutions and their practitioners are very mobile, and after an accident, they still repeat their old tricks when they go to a new place, and still begin to "catch a fine of 1,<>, and can't catch and earn hi". Therefore, in addition to fines, supervision should pay more attention to daily management.

For example, it is necessary to increase cooperation in law enforcement in different places, especially to strengthen the exchange of law enforcement information in different places, so that even if medical beauty institutions and practitioners change places, the "black history" of the past cannot only not be erased, but may also be punished superimposed. For institutions and individuals who have repeatedly experienced medical aesthetic fraud and are deemed to be no longer suitable for the industry, they should be included in the industry blacklist, and the blacklist information should be shared in the law enforcement system so that they cannot change the location and "vest" to re-implement the fraud.

There are many reasons for the chaos of medical beauty, but the punishment is too light, which is undoubtedly one of the important reasons. Only by eliminating this reason can we create good conditions for other comprehensive measures, accelerate the training of medical aesthetic talents, standardize the operation process and charging standards, etc., and it is easier to receive the expected results. Various measures, including penalties in place, work together to cure the persistent disease of medical beauty fraud as soon as possible.

(Yangcheng Evening News, the author is a medical professional)