Beijing, September 9 (ZXS) -- Li Yang, vice minister of China's Ministry of Transport, said in Beijing on 21 September that the Ministry of Transport will make efforts in five aspects to fully promote sustainable transportation development.

Li Yang made the above remarks at a press conference held by the State Council's new office on the same day.

Li Yang said that the above five aspects are infrastructure, transportation services, innovation-driven, green and low-carbon, and international cooperation. These include:

First, in terms of infrastructure, accelerate the construction of a modern, high-quality comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network. The Ministry of Transport will focus on "networking, supplementing the network, and strengthening the chain", optimize and improve the layout of the comprehensive three-dimensional network, and accelerate the construction of the main skeleton of the national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network. Build a number of comprehensive passenger transport hubs, and deeply implement the national comprehensive freight hub to supplement the chain and strengthen the chain. Promote the construction of major transportation infrastructure projects.

The second is to focus on improving service quality and efficiency. The Ministry of Transport will accelerate the development of intermodal passenger transportation and promote the diversification of transportation services. We will further promote the construction of "four good rural roads", improve the modern rural transportation system, promote the integration of urban and rural transportation, and enhance the level of universalization of transportation services. Give full play to the role of logistics security and smooth operation to ensure the stability and smoothness of the international logistics supply chain. Vigorously develop multimodal cargo transport, vigorously strengthen air cargo capacity building, and improve the three-level logistics service system in counties and villages.

The third is to vigorously develop smart transportation and smart logistics. The Ministry of Transport will improve the scientific and technological innovation system, and deeply implement scientific and technological projects such as tackling key core technologies and piloting the pilot application of intelligent transportation. Accelerate the development of digital transportation, especially a large number of new transportation infrastructures such as smart railways, smart roads, smart ports, and smart civil aviation. Standardize the development of new forms of transportation.

The fourth is to promote the green and low-carbon transformation of transportation. The Ministry of Transport will speed up the adjustment of the transportation structure, promote the "road-to-rail, road-to-water" of bulk cargo, and vigorously develop iron-water combined transportation and river-sea direct transportation. Accelerate the promotion of "one single system", "one box system" and "one ticket system" of transportation services, strengthen the prevention and control of transportation pollution and ecological environmental protection, promote the application of new energy clean vehicles and ships, and continue to promote the green governance of express packaging.

Fifth, deepen international cooperation and exchanges in transportation. The Ministry of Transport will promote the "hard connection" of the transportation infrastructure of the "Belt and Road" countries and the "soft connection" of the system and rules, consolidate practical cooperation in the transportation field with relevant countries, regions and organizations in accordance with the principle of consultation, joint construction and sharing, and actively participate in global transportation governance. Better play the role of China's international sustainable transport innovation and knowledge center platform. (End)