China News Network Pingdingshan, September 9 Topic: A thousand-year-old county's "black and white" industry "karmic meeting"

Written by Liu Peng Feng Changhai

Relying on the layout of the 100-billion-level coal-based nylon industrial chain of "Central Plains Coal Bunker" Henan Pingdingshan, Henan, and the rich salt storage resource endowment in the territory, Henan Ye County, a thousand-year-old county, has integrated and promoted the two industries of "black and white" among the karmic meetings to create a county practice of high-quality development.

"Our industry here can be summed up as 'one black and one white', black is coal, white is salt." Recently, during the reporter's visit to Ye County, Xu Yanjie, secretary of the county party committee, introduced to the reporter the integrated development path of the county's "black and white" industry.

The picture shows the exhibition hall of "China Rock Salt Museum" in Ye County. Photo by reporter Liu Peng

Ye County, which has a history of more than 400,3300 years, is rich in mineral resources, of which salt is the most, with an exhibition area of <> square kilometers and reserves of <> billion tons, ranking first in the country in terms of well salt, and was named "China's Rock Salt Capital" by the National Mining Federation.

Salt is not only a necessity of life, but also an important industrial production raw material, can be made into chlorine, sodium metal, soda ash, heavy alkali, hydrochloric acid and other chemical industry raw materials, the use involves clothing, food, housing, transportation in all aspects, known as the "mother of the chemical industry".

The "Yibai" industry introduced by Xu Yanjie refers to the salt chemical industry formed around the huge amount of rock salt resources in the county. In recent years, relying on the advantages of abundant salt resources, the local area has carried out deep development and deep processing, and focused on promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.

The picture shows the interior view of the production enterprise in Yexian Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone. Photo by Feng Changhai

Ye County belongs to the "Central Plains Coal Bunker" Pingdingshan City. In recent years, the city has built a 100-billion-level Chinese nylon city according to the layout of "one core and two wings", aiming to open up the coal-based nylon industry chain. That is, with Pingdingshan Nylon New Material Development Zone as the "core", build an upstream raw material base; With Pingdingshan High-tech Zone and Yexian Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone as the "two wings", it undertakes the important task of building a downstream deep processing industrial base. Among them, the "one core" and "one wing" are all in Ye County.

Due to chance, the "one black" and the innate "one white" derived from the "Central Plains Coal Bunker" merged into a new situation in the industrial development of Ye County.

Walking into the Yexian Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone, I saw that the polycarbon material company, Shenma chlor-alkali joint stock company and United Salinization Company, which also belong to Pingmei Shenma Group, are lined up. In Ye County, the "black and white" integration of the industrial chain, the three enterprises are intertwined, so that a salt butterfly into a variety of chemical products, so that the output value of tons of salt from 300 yuan to 3,1 yuan, while producing the effect of "1+1+3><>", it provides strong support for Henan Province to fill the gap of high-end PC materials and drive the coordinated development of the downstream industrial chain to create a "material strong province" and "industrial strong province".

"United Salinization Company has an annual output of 300 million tons of mineral salt, ranking first in the national salt enterprise; Chlor-alkali joint stock company is mainly engaged in crude salt chemical industry, the products chlorine and caustic soda are in short supply, and with the addition of the industrial rookie polycarbon material company, Yexian rock salt has been pushed to the PC era. Zhao Fei, director of the management committee of Yexian Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone, said.

The picture shows the product showroom of the manufacturer. Photo by Feng Changhai

It is understood that the "grape bunch" effect caused by large projects has also driven downstream polycarbon material deep processing projects to settle in Ye County. Yexian focuses on the idea of "big nylon, whole industrial chain, internationalization, and innovation leadership", gives full play to its resource advantages, and continues to implement the salt chemical industry supplement chain, extended chain, and strong chain, and the industrial chain is becoming more and more complete.

At present, Polycarbon Materials Company has launched the second phase of project construction in Ye County, and after the completion of the project, the production capacity of the enterprise is expected to leap to the top five in the world; Not long ago, at the new material industry chain innovation and development conference held in Ye County, 7 nylon and PC downstream new material projects were signed on the spot...

In view of the strong integration of "one black and one white" industries, Pingdingshan Nylon New Material Development Zone and Yexian Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone have been recognized as provincial new industrialization industry demonstration bases, and Yexian Nylon New Functional Materials Industrial Cluster has been identified as a national SME characteristic industrial cluster, and Yexian has been listed among the top 2022 manufacturing counties in China in <>.

A small grain of salt not only rides on the "express train" of the industrial chain, sublimates into chemical products, but also derives a 10-billion-level industry, becoming an important support for the economic development of Yexian County.

In the view of Xu Yanjie, secretary of the county party committee, the growth history of the salt industry chain in Ye County is the history of industrial development in Ye County. Talking about future development, he said that Yexian will continue to firmly establish the development concept of "project is king, industry is important", actively plan ahead, seize the front, continuously lengthen the industrial chain, fully serve the construction of 100 billion-level Chinese nylon city, and strive to create one of the top 100 manufacturing counties in the country to promote the high-quality development of the county economy. (End)