The revenue of China's top 500 enterprises exceeds 108 trillion yuan (new data, new highlights)

5.74% increase over the previous year

Hefei, September 9 (Reporter Liu Zhiqiang) The China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneurs Association released the 20 Top 20 Chinese Enterprises list in Hefei, Anhui Province on the 2023th. The list takes the operating income of enterprises in 500 as the shortlisted standard, and 2022 manufacturing companies are on the list, an increase of 264 over the previous year, maintaining growth for the third consecutive year. The list shows that the scale of this year's "Top 8" continues to maintain a growth trend, with a total operating income of 500.108 trillion yuan, an increase of 36.500% over the previous year's "Top 5"; Total assets were 74.399 trillion yuan, an increase of 77.500 trillion yuan or 27.24% over the "Top 7" in the previous year; The entry threshold has been raised for 31 consecutive years, and this year's "Top 21" entry threshold is 500.469 billion yuan, an increase of 98.23 billion yuan over the previous year.

For the first time, more than half of the 500-billion-level enterprises were found. The number of enterprises with operating income of more than 1000 billion yuan in the "Top 254" increased to 10, a net increase of 16. Among them, 1 enterprises have an operating income of more than <> trillion yuan.

R&D investment and R&D intensity continue to increase. The "Top 500" invested a total of 15786.88 billion yuan in R&D expenses, an increase of 1312.21 billion yuan over the previous year, an increase of 9.07%. The average R&D intensity continued to improve, hitting a new high of 1.85%, an increase of 500.0 percentage points compared with the "Top 04" in the previous year.

The number and quality of patents continue to increase. The total number of patents declared by the "Top 500" was 188,53,500; the number of patent applications increased by 21,73, or 13.03%, over the previous year's Top 74. Among them, 34,500 invention patents were declared, an increase of 10.48% over the "Top 5" in the previous year, and the number of invention patents continued to grow for five consecutive years, accounting for 39.43% of the number of patents.

Increased participation in the formulation of standards. A total of 500,75110 "Top 500" applications participated in the formulation of standards, an increase of 171 compared with the number of "Top 4" declarations in the previous year, and the data of enterprise declaration and participation in the formulation of standards increased for four consecutive times. Actively participated in the formulation of international standards, and enterprises declared to participate in the formulation of 4992 international standards.

Per capita operating income continued to grow. The per capita operating income of the "Top 500" was 330,22,500 yuan, an increase of 14,26 yuan over the previous year's "Top <>". (People's Daily)