Ahead of the Tokyo stock market on the 20th and the meeting to decide the monetary policy of the United States, selling orders spread to lock in profits for the time being, and stock prices fell.

▽ The Nikkei Stock Average closed at 20,218.81 yen on the 3th, 3023.78 yen

lower than the previous day's closing price ▽ TSE Stock Price Index = Topix fell 24.30 to 2406.00

▽ Daily volume was 16,7453.<> million shares.

On the Tokyo stock market on the 20th, the Nikkei Stock Average fell by more than 200 yen.

In the Tokyo market, there was a mixture of buying and selling, but there were also conspicuous selling orders to secure immediate profits for the time being.

In the early morning of the 21st, Japan time, the results of the meeting to decide the monetary policy of the Fed = Federal Reserve were announced, and the overall mood was wait-and-see.

While market participants are increasingly expecting the Fed to keep rates unchanged at the meeting, the focus is on whether monetary tightening will be prolonged amid continued high oil prices and renewed inflation concerns.

For this reason, attention has been focused on Chairman Powell's remarks at the press conference after the meeting.